Best Clock Presents: The Perfect Gifts

Clocks play a very vital role in our daily life and help us correctly guide through and schedule our day. Moreover, they can act quite great as Decor too and the newer version offer quite a lot of unique features too. Considering that a lot of people want to gift some beautiful clocks as presents. We here at ohmyclock decided to look into and list a few of our favorite giftable clocks. So without further ado let’s get right into it

Locky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

This is one of the most fun clocks out there. It not only is a great alarm clock but if your kid is a sleepy head and doesn’t wake up on time, this might be one of the best clocks. What it does is that it jumps and keeps running around whilst buzzing the alarm so the person in the room would have to get up physically and run after the clock. And catch it to turn the alarm off, sounds interesting right

A picture of  clocky to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

Moreover, it can jump up to 3 feet in height and can jump off of a nightstand. It also comes with a beeping sound and a super loud alarm. It is a great and helpful gift for deep sleepers. This clock costs $46 on Amazon as of now and is well worth its price. So do give its heading a click if you are interested in knowing about it more. Great as a present for people who have trouble waking up

Philip’s wake up light


A picture of philip's wake up light to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

This clock comes with a very great and unique way to gently wake you up. These might be your thing if you if buzzing alarms are not your way to go

It comes with five pleasant nature sounds and also has a stunning sunlight simulation. This is what separates it from all of the other alarm clocks out there. How does it work you ask? Well, it starts with slowly stimulating the sunrise 30 to 40 minutes before your actual alarm time, while slowly shifting from soft dawn to glistening sunshine that is sure to tell you that its time to wake you up. Many people have proclaimed that this has actually changed their waking up schedule. The light it comes with has 10 different intensities and can also be used as a lamp. Lastly, it just looks great and improves the overall look of your room. It looks very chic and classy.

However, its biggest drawback without a doubt is its price. It might just seem too costly as it is available for $85.52 on Amazon. Which is quite lower than before but still might be too much for an alarm clock. Another con that it has buttons that are poorly positioned.

A List Of Some Of The Best Auditory Clocks

Bellaware Large Hourglass Timer

A beautiful looking graceful hourglass that sets a timer of 30 minutes. It has the following dimensions: Size: 10 x 3.7 x 3.7 in inches | 25 x 9.5 x 9.5 in centimetres and is made of fine good. However, it does allow for a 10% deviation of time, so it is not the best choice as a timer. But surely suits quite well as decor due to its great look

A picture of Bellaware Large Hourglass Timer to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

It is quite ideal for your office room if you like that type of decor. And is a very good choice as a housewarming/ birthday gift. Lastly, this hourglass clock is available on Amazon for $25.99

Some Reviews
Kevin L from the United States says: Gave 3 star

 The sand works just fine and it is nice to watch it drop down slowly. There is something visceral to that. The rods holding it together seemed loose. When I tried to tighten them, they just spin and spin, never tightening.
Once I gave up trying to have it be tight (lowered my expectations), it is okay. Every time I turn it over I’m reminded that the metal poles move a bit. The good news is the end caps on the rods don’t come off. So if you can deal with a loosey-goosey feel turning it over rather than a firm connected one-piece feel to it, then the function of the sand timer is fine. I have not timed it
, I have digital clocks on my phone and computer.

I just like to note where the sand is, i use it like a pomadoro timer. It is big. About 10 inches or so tall. I use it on my desk at work. Anyway, the loose feel to the rods that hold it together is the only downside. The bamboo end pieces are fine. The metal has not loosened any more since I bought it. It just has this permanent looseness to it. But the key part is that it works. The fit and finish are not superb quality, but given the price, I’m okay with what I got. I like mine. Judge whether you can deal with this. If enough of a defect for you, don’t buy it. For me, I’m okay with the experience I bought. Just tell yourself, parroting Obi-Wan, “These are not the tightened bolts you’re looking for.”, and you’ll be good to go. “

Mitch from the United States says: Gave 5 Star

” This thing times out at about 28 minutes, which is what I wanted. It’s encased with protective rods and wood at the top/bottom so it would be difficult to break in my opinion. Researched numerous other hourglasses but they all seemed to fragile. Glad i picked this one cuz it does not seem like it will break even if i were to knock it over due to the protective cage/wood.”

Travis L. from the United States says: Gave 4 Star

” Not built as structurally sound as I would prefer but well worth the money. It’s a perfect timer to discipline my son and make him watch the sand fall as he sits in time-out on our couch. It serves its purpose well.”

Nick from the United States says: Gave 5 star

” I purchased both White and Black Hourglass sand timers. They look amazing! However, the black sand timer stopped working after a few minutes, while the white sand timer worked perfectly. After testing the time for accuracy, it came out to be exactly 30 minutes with just 5 extra seconds. Even though only one of my sand timers worked, I would still recommend this product, because it may be different for others. Also to note it is slightly wobbly on my desk.”

Abigail from the United States says: Gave 5 Star

Great quality, it didn’t feel cheaply made. I got it as a Christmas gift for my sister and she loves it.

MLF George Nelson Sunburst Clock

This is without a doubt one of the most eye-catching clocks out there. That is sure to stun anyone when they first look at it. Made by George Nelson, this clock doesn’t even look like a clock until you notice its hands moving

A Picture of MLF George Nelson to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

Moreover, this clock is also quite durable and is made up of aluminium. It has the following dimensions: Φ47cm x H7cm. And lastly, this clock costs $247 on Amazon as of now which is a bit expensive but might be worth it for the way it will lighten up whichever room/ place you put it.

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer, 

A patented beautiful clock which has been a phenomenal success in the alarm clock world. It uses different colors and facial expressions. It also features three different sounds and five-night colors that further add to its diversity

A picture of lettlehippo Mellat to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

Another interesting thing about this clock is that this clock closes its eyes when its time to sleep. Moreover, this clock is quite durable and is child safe. It is approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH, and CPSIA. This amazing smiling clock is available for $45.99 as of now.

Umbra Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall Clock

Another classy and eye-catching clock on this list which is very easy to hang and offers quite clear readability. The woodish look it comes with might be just the best match for your kitchen or your backyard

A Picture of  Umbra Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall Clock

Moreover, this like every other of Umbra product is backed with a five-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning. It is a battery-operated clock that uses a single AA battery to run. It has the following dimensions and costs only $65 on Amazon as of now

Whitehall Products 01789 Pinecone Thermometer Clock Combo

Another great clock that comes with a great woodish finish and has a very unique look. It’s defined 3D branchy look is bound to get a look and stand out.

A picture of Whitehall Products 01789 Pinecone Thermometer Clock Combo to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

It also comes with a functional thermometer like the “Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock”. Moreover, this is also weather-resistant and might just be the right fit for that garden. It also has a sealed battery for protection and has the following dimensions: 14″L X 14″W X 0.375″H, and comes at a price of $55.99 as of now

PresenTime & Co 18

This is one unique looking clock that is different than most. It is an elegant, graceful and self-illuminating clock that has an 18 inch LED. A great feature that it has that separates it from the crowd is that it has an automatic light structure. Meaning that its light sensors will sense when its night time or day time and will change its illuminicity accordingly.

A picture of PresenTime & Co 18 to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

It is waterproof and UV resistant and hence you don’t have to worry about it getting broke due to the weather as it also. Moreover, like all the other clocks on this list comes with a Thermometer & Hygrometer

It requires an AA battery for clock movement and a 4 sized battery for the LED lights and size. Lastly, it is available for $87.99 for Amazon as of now which sounds fair for the value it provides and without a doubt great look on any outdoor place you put it.

Driini Wooden Desk & Table Analog Clock

It is one of the most simple looking yet elegant mantel clocks that you can find. This clock is made of pine and is battery operated with a silent sweep mechanism

A picture of Driini Wooden Desk & Table Analog Clock to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

It is a sturdy looking clock with even its hands made of clean wood. Furthermore, it doesn’t make much sound and has the following dimensions:  4.3″ x 4.3″ x 1.5″. It is available on Amazon for $19.90 which is a good price for this chic looking mantel clock.

Design Toscano Chateau Carbonne Cherub Mantle Clock

A beautiful french style clock that is bound to get a look. It has two chubby children with wings that add divinity to the whole look

A picture of Design Toscano Chateau Carbonne Cherub Mantle Clock,
which is one of the best mantel clocks out there

This beautiful clock weight 5 pounds and has the following dimensions: 9.5″Wx4″ Dx10.5″H. It also requires two AA batteries to work and does not produce much sound. The golden look that it gives off cannot be defined other than being divine and elegant

KSMA Brass-Tone 30 Minutes Rotating Sand Hourglass

A rather unique looking clock even in the realm of hourglasses. Its a rotating hourglass clock. You can rotate the clock at whatever angle you like and even play with it when bored. It comes with the following dimensions: 10×8.5 inches. The glass is completely sealed so that it doesn’t leak any sound whilst revolving around.

A picture of KSMA Brass-Tone 30 Minutes Rotating Sand Hourglass to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

This clock comes with a timer of 30 minutes. It also works great for all celebrating occasions. And is available on Amazon for $39.99 on Amazon as of now.

Some Reviews:
Secre from the United States says: Gave 5 Star

” I’m quite impressed with the look and feel of this piece, I got it mostly as a ‘scare-tactic’ for our D&D sessions, but I have to say this is a really beautiful piece for the most part and I really do love it. It’s large, feels high quality, and is quite accurate. The one I received is only about 1-2 minutes off (31-32 minutes) compared to a digital timer, and given it’s many axis which probably cause variance depending on how level the surface it’s sitting on is, I think that’s pretty darn good.

My only complaint is a small one, but it would be nice to see it fixed or maybe I just got a one-off – There are some small rubber grommets/gaskets on the ‘Y’ axis of the hourglass, the hourglass I received had 1 on the bottom, and 2 on the top and neither of the top ones were placed very well. I had to kind of pry one-off, and re-attach one in the correct location to get it all to sit nicely again. This is a very tiny complaint and easily missed by even a good Quality Control checker, I’d still give this a 5/5 or 9.5/10, highly recommended. I think it looks stellar in my office.”

Soluman from the United States says: Gave 4 star

“First off, I should have read the specs more carefully because this hourglass is enormous. I imagined it being about 6″ tall, but it’s the size of a paper towel roll! The brass color is lovely and I like being able to flip the hourglass without having to pick it up. It doesn’t empty to clear glass but leaves some granules in the top (with a finger tap they fall down though). My only complaint is that it’s not a 60-minute timer. I used a stopwatch app and mine ran through in 43 min 15 sec. I’d hoped to use this as a classier version of the ” pomadoro method,” and I still can, but closer to 60 minutes would’ve been preferred. I should mention that it looks really classy on my desk or bookshelf”

Jerico from the United States says: Gave 4 star

” Well-made glass and metal frame and packaged nicely. The “sand” is a very dark, blackish rose color. As an artist, my opinion is the hue of the sand does not compliment the antique gold finish of the metal frame surrounding the glass. Most of the web photos of this hourglass showed white or grayish-white sand in it, so that is what I was expecting. After receiving my order and being surprised at the sand color, I double-checked the photograph displayed online. Then I noticed there was, in fact, 1-hour glass shown with the same dark blackish sand that I had received. Shame on me for not seeing that before. My professional opinion is the cold sand color should coordinate better with the warm metal color.

I purchased this as a gift for someone who probably won’t notice the color argument going on, so I am not sending it back; everything else about it is great. It is a 60-minute hourglass and was accurate to within 1 minute. The sand did not stick to the sides of the glass as reviews of other brands noted. The sand slides smoothly and cleanly down the inside glass. The ghoulish color of the sand is my only negative point. “

The Lenovo smart clock

It is not only an alarm clock but can also be referred to as a bedside assistant. Moreover, it is connected to the internet and hence can also be used to check the weather and traffic whenever you go out. It doesn’t take much room and can fit anywhere you like. It also has a slowly brightening screen like in the Philips wake up clock. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of different wake-up sounds. It supports google services and can also play Spotify.

A picture of the lenovo smart clock to better elaborate Best Clock Presents

It can also control your other home devices and is very easy to set up. Lastly, one of its biggest pros is that it is quite affordable. It costs only $46 which is nearly half the price of the Philips wake up light and comes with a great design which also gives a chic to whichever place you put it

But, it, like everything also has its share of cons. You cannot make calls with it. Its audio quality is not extraordinary and could be better. Lastly, it requires a phone to set up

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • ” Love the clock, the form factor, etc. But the Google assistant leaves much to be desired. If I ask her to play NPR, it says “let me get some more information so I can help you with that”. I checked, NPR is within the Google Play ecosystem, but somehow this clock won’t connect. It won’t play radio stations and is unable to connect to websites and stream content. It will tell me how old George Clooney is… ” Sky terry
  • “Decent speakers for its size, the screen gets very dim and the base alarm clock functionality is good combined with the google assistant features. Although, the software could be a better fleshed out, setting up a music alarm clock complicated and weirdly pushes you to use free Spotify rather than free youtube music. Overall an overpriced alarm clock but decent smart alarm clock and Chromecast remote” George Snapes
  • “I like it. Tells time, answers questions. Simple to use for the most part. Can’t wake up to a song, but I can set it to be pretty dark at night… So… Yeah. It wakes me up” Anonymous
  • ”  Sunrise setting is really useful and the alarm is loud (can be adjusted), I had a habit of sleeping through my alarms at times- Not anymore.
    • – I use this for Spotify as well and the speaker is of very high quality, sounds great!
    • – Lots of clock faces to choose from to make it your own, I personally like the dynamic weather clock face, screen changes and moves when Cloudy, Clear night sky (stars display), Rainy
    • – Screen brightness adjusts automatically. I am one of those that need total darkness to sleep well and this does not impact that at all, I don’t even notice it. ” Ryan

La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10″, Silver

A La cross clock that automatically sets itself to the exact time. It requires a single alkaline battery to function properly and is for anyone who wants precise time at their office or home. The clock’s face features a chrome-colored finish with an inner black trim and has the following dimensions: 10 inches in diameter and 1-2/3 inch in depth with a 7-1/4-inch diameter face

A picture of La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10", Silver

This clock also comes with a whole year guarantee. It also resets routinely by radio control which will match it to the US atomic clock. IT requires a single A battery to function properly and is available on Amazon for $15.64 as of now.

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • “Nice looking clock but does not auto set for countries outside of the US. As such a bit pointless for the UK market. ” Evans
  • “Simple and functional clock. If you hang your clock in an area that satellite signals can easily reach, there is nothing to do after you put the battery in and set to one of the 4 time zones (and opt-in/out daylight saving). The 3 hands of the clock each run a complete cycle, and once it found the radio signal, it will adjust to the current time. The instructions said that it might take up to 5 days, it took about 15 minutes. Even if it could not find the signal, there are instructions on hanging the clock manually and use it as a regular clock (or hang it in another location) ” Y Chui
  • ” I bought this clock because of its simple design and not to ever have to worry about the correct time again.
    • It works and receives the U.S signal up in Toronto.
    • It does automatically switch to daylight saving time twice a year which is great. However, that requires the (one time) switch of a button on the back of the clock,
    • No major inconvenience but something one needs to be aware of. ” Anonymous

Sharp Atomic Clock – Atomic Accuracy – Never Needs Setting! – Jumbo 3″

A digital clock in this list that stands out. It comes with precise accuracy and has a built-in receiver that connects with the atomic clock in colorado to tell accurate time. Moreover, this clock also comes with wireless outdoor sensors that tell the temperature indoors as well as outdoors.

A picture of " Sharp Atomic Clock - Atomic Accuracy - Never Needs Setting! - Jumbo 3"

This clock requires 3 AA batteries for the main unit and two AA batteries for the sensor. You could use this clock as a wall clock or as your desk clock depending on your preference. And lastly, this easy to set, read and use clock is available at Amazon for $34.23 as of now.

Some good and bad reviews from the customers

  • ” This clock has a nice display and the outdoor reader that comes with it is reliable. The only reason I did not give it five stars is the price. As the years go by these types of clocks should come down in price a bit. I have had several different brands of atomic clocks and out of all of these, my original Sharp atomic clock in my kitchen has lasted the longest now at 14 years old with next to no problems with it. I am hoping that this new one will last just as long because several of my other atomic clocks only lasted a few years. So when weighing the options, buy a more expensive one and there is a good chance you will not have to replace it quite as soon. “Anonymous
  • ” The product description says its dimension is 13 x 11 inches, but the clock I received is only 8.5 x 8 inches. It seems that the product description is based on the dimension of the package instead of the product itself. This is very misleading and annoying, and I decided to return the product. ” Anonymous
  • ” Everything worked great after I got new batteries in it. Initially, I put some used batteries in it and the outside temp wouldn’t work. Worked great with new batteries. I like the fact that it has several channels, so you can change channels if your neighbor has one. Time is easy to read from across the room. Temperature is OK to read from 10 to 15 feet. Totally accurate. ” Dennis
  • ” Every day I push the button but it won’t sync with atomic time. I have 2 other atomic clocks from another company that works fine but not this one. Would not buy again. “Anonymous

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A special clock for all the art fans out there. It is a handmade wall clock that has one unique design. It is very easy to install, and works great as a gift. Moreover, it doesn’t make the annoying ticking sound and is quite silent. Hence best suited for someone looking for a quiet environment.

It can also be set up in your kid’s room if he/ she likes cartoonish clocks or is a fan of a nightmare before Christmas. It has the following dimensions: 11.4 x 1.6 x 11.4 inches and weighs 8.8 pounds and does not put much pressure. Lastly, it costs only $24.99

Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock, Steampunk Gear and Cog Design with a Pewter Finish

An elegant clock to say the least. It runs using a battery, and only requires a single AA size battery. It will look great near the pool and also looks quite chic if you want to give it as a gift

 A picture of Lily's Home Hanging Wall Clock, Steampunk Gear and Cog Design with a Pewter Finish

But it also comes with a con that it does produce the conventional sound. So, if you want something chic and don’t mind the ticking noise that clocks usually produce. This might be just the right fit. It is available on Amazon of now for $29.95

Hopefully, this article was helpful in showing you some of the best clocks that could be given as gifts. Lastly, if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. And stay tuned to ohmyclock for more interesting articles about clocks

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