Best Cheap Cuckoo Clocks: $10 To $100

Cuckoo clocks can be great for anywhere you want to put them and can work great as decor, but the problem with them is that they can cost quite a lot of money which takes them away from the range of most people, that is why we decided to take a look at our favorite cheap cuckoo clocks so that you can both have a cuckoo clock without having to worry about spending hundreds of dollars for them. So without further ado, let’s get right to them

Mark Feldstein & Associates Traditional Chalet Style Singing Cardinal Tabletop Wall Sound Cuckoo Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best Cheap Cuckoo Clocks

Coming at a price of $49.95, this cuckoo clock doesn’t only come with a great woodish look but is very catchy for the first glance. The clock is made up of polycarbonate, paper and metal and comes with the following dimensions:  17″H x 8.75″L x 4.75″W. The clock cuckoos every hour with a toned song. The clock also comes with a pendulum that you can remove if you want. And last but not the least it also has light sensors which automatically deactivate at night


The clock has an average rating of 4 stars out of 157 ratings. Of which 62% are 5 star ratings. Now lets take a look at some of the reviews to get a gist of what other people who have purchased the product have to say about it.

Wendy Says: Gave 5 Stars

“My seven year old son wanted a cuckoo clock for Christmas. I wanted to find one that would make him happy but still fit in my budget. This one fit the bill. He loves it! He happily jumps around whenever he hears it cuckoo. I love the fact that it has a light sensor so it only goes off during daylight hours. It keeps great time. It’s not too loud. It runs on batteries, so no worries about winding it. Just right for me & my 7 year old.”

Jill O Says: Gave 2 Stars

“Adorable concept and design , but awful end product! It’s all plastic with STICKERS, as the clocks’ background. The stickers were also popping up around the edges,& I cannot imagine it aging well. Was a gift for my sister for Christmas, but it went back. Bc it looked SO cheap!”

Jimm Says: Gave 4 Stars

“My son loves clocks. I bought him this because I didnt wanna spend a lot of money. Does what it says. The cardinal is cute. Dont like the doors the bird comes out of could be more decorative but again it’s not an expensive cuckoo clock.”

Ron Says: Gave 4 Stars

I really wanted a cuckoo clock for the animation and sound, but have you priced the real ones?! If this one doesn’t suit you, then be ready to shell out a few hundred dollars for one handcrafted from Germany! This one looks and sounds great. It’s kinda nice that it has a male Cardinal instead of the traditional Cuckoo bird. Nice twist–gets noticed more. Yes, it has veneer on it rather than actual wood, but you can’t tell from a distance. It is rather cute, and has a little chimney.

I put a little light colored sticker over the “eye” at the top, so it only chirps when it’s very light in the room. For now, I don’t want it singing every hour, and it only happens when I don’t expect it—a nice surprise! If I want it to play every hour, I’ll just take the sticker off. It has a button on the side, so I can make the bird show and sing for guests whenever I want.

My only complaint is the hands were black, and you couldn’t see them unless you stood right in front of it! Simple solution = I took a little acrylic paint (your kids probably have some) and painted the hands golden yellow. Now they show up easily from across the room and blend nicely with the rest of theclock. Look at my pic.

I’m very happy with this now. It’s the best you’re going to find in a cuckoo clock at this price point. You don’t like it? Then pay $300 for one from Germany. I rest my case.”

Marchese Family Says: Gave 3 Stars

“I like this clock, but don’t love it. Wish there was a volume control, there isn’t, wish it chirped according to what the hour was instead of making the same chirp every hour…looks alittle cheap, I guess bc it’s all plastic, can’t really see the hands clearly, etc…

Margaret Says: Gave 5 Stars

Love the Cardinal coocko clock. Well worth the money.
Packaging was excellent.
No volume control, but that’s ok. Cardinal sounds life like and not that loud. Very nice.

Black Forest Clock with cuckoo, incl. battery

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best Cheap Cuckoo Clocks

Coming at a price of $30, this is one of our favorite clocks, coming with a creamy white colour. The clock comes with the following dimensions:  14 cm/5.6 inches. The clock operates solely on batteries and needs a single AA battery which comes included with this clock. The battery’s running time is around a year and this clock comes with a 2-year warranty too. But this clock doesn’t have any reviews available on Amazon as of now

Mark Feldstein Snowy Cabin Singing Cardinal Tabletop Wall Sound Cuckoo Clock

Coming at a price of $49.99, a great looking cuckoo clock, the clock snow-covered roof of a house, with snowflakes all around. The clock all in all is made up of acrylic with a natural brown finish. The clock requires  2 C and 1 AA batteries which do not come included with the clock. Moreover, the light sensor deactivates the birds singing at night, allowing you to have a good night sleep. You can use this clock anywhere in the  kitchen, living room, den, or office or give this clock off as a gift


It has an overall rating of 4 stars out of a total of 82 ratings. 60% of these ratings are 5-star ratings. Now let’s take a look at some of the reviews to get a gist of what other people who have purchased the product have to say about it.

Redondo Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I cannot complain about the quality of the clock because for what I paid for it in comparison to the price of other toys this was an excellent buy. Actually it is a better quality than most of the toys now days. I bought it for Christmas for my 3 years old grandson and he ABSOLUTELY loves this clock! The button on the side is a good feature. When pushing it the door opens and the bird “sings”. We do not need to wait for a whole hour pass by for the bird to come out. Indeed the sound of the bird is not exactly what one would expect from a bird but it is what it is….it’s not bad just not a bird singing. It sounds rather like a chipmunk. Most importantly, my grandson learned at age 3 to tell the time.”

Ziayad Deen Says: Gave 5 Stars

“great clock, the light sensor option is for ideal, and the bird is cute and the family love the sound of it 🙂 really good clock and i think its worth the money. it is made of plastic but it look really nice on the wall 🙂 just as in the picture :-)”

Amanda Alderman Says: Gave 2 Stars

“stopped working after a couple of months and on the cheap side. Granted it was not expensive I did expect a little better quality from it.”

Jamie Says: Gave 3 Stars

“The hourly sound is awful. It sounds like a dying bird, which chirps then fades out, and comes back again. It looks good and the pinecone is cute, but the sound isn’t worth it.”

Anthony F Valon Says: Gave 5 Stars

“We bought this for our grandson who loves cuckoo clocks. Works great and he enjoys it. The best feature is the button that let’s you make it cuckoo anytime which is important to a two year old.”

Tanya Says: Gave 4 Stars

“Happy with quality and neat looking clock”

Trenkle Black Forest Clock Swiss House TU 26 PW

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best Cheap Cuckoo Clocks

Coming at a price of $31.67, this is a cartoonish looking cuckoo clock and has the following dimensions: 12 cm H x 12 cm W x 6 cm D, the dimensions of this clock make this clock the smallest one on our list, but it without looks quite cute not only due to its small size but also due to the rapid movements it makes.


The clock has an average rating of 3.3 stars out of 52 ratings. Now let’s take a look at some of the reviews to get a gist of what other people who have purchased the product have to say about it.

Jhon H Says: Gave 5 Stars

” It’s cute, it small, it’s cheap but it’s fun! you do have to know it doesn’t keep time like a battery driven clock you do have to wind it and you do have to adjust the pendulum if it’s running slow or fast until you get it right, even then you’ll still have to adjust the time every once in awhile that’s just the way old pendulum spring-driven clocks are. but if you don’t mind and you like old mechanical designs this is a really cool little clock. Mine did come with the hour hand unattached but I was able to push fit it back into place and it seems like it’s working. It says to wind it every day but I find that it dies out a few hours shy of a day.”

G Waldawall Says: Gave 1 Star

“I am sure it was my own fault for not reading it closely. But this clock is so small you can hold it between your thumb and index finger. There is not much you can do with a clock this small. I have never been able to get it working so I could do anything with it anyway. To me it was just a waste of money.

Carlos Rivera Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Although it is small, it is sure to leave an impression thru the detail and craftsmanship of this piece.”

Angela Bowerman Says: Gave 5 Stars

What an adorable cuckoo clock — and unbeknownst to me — used also, to keep time, while practicing my guitar. Bravo! The size is compact — of course, it’s a miniature. The detail is divine, as well as simplicity on winding it — thanks to the handy written directions and key. Buy one, or two for that matter. You wont be disappointed!”

ISDD Cuckoo Clocks Black Forest Clock 

Coming at a price of $36, this is a unique looking cuckoo clock which comes with a warranty of 2 years


It has a total of 4 ratings on Amazon, out of which 3 gave this clock 5 stars and 1 gave this clock a 1 star. Lets take a look at what the buyers had to say about this clock

Sonya Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Magnificent clock, I loved it, works with batteries is very practical and looks beautiful in my home. I love its design and is made in Germany. is very accurate and works well barometer. recommend, the shipping was very fast and sent from Germany. I buy it!”

Dls says: Gave 5 Stars

“Beautiful and very high quality. Fast shipping and even in advance. Really a spot-on purchase.”

Angel Vega Says: Gave 5 Stars

‘A very nice watch. Totally handmade. It has nothing to do with cheap, ugly Chinese imitations. I highly recommend it. I’m very satisfied. The shipment was very fast. I also got a discount coupon. I’ve got another watch besides this one, and they’re both beautiful.”

Nick Says: Gave 1 Star

“Unfortunately I can’t give a lower rating then 1 star. It seems that 1 star is as low as one can go. Very bad design. The hands are not screwed into the clock and there is no way one can tight them up. As soon as one tries to set the clock to the correct time, the hands will become unglued and there is no way of fixing the issue. I purchased two clocks and both of them had the same problem, both hands are now standing down at 6 and can’t fix them. I even went to a local repair shop and they said can’t do anything about it. I was promised that new hands with different attachment style will be sent to me, but they were never sent and the shop Trenkle Uhren stopped answering my inquiries.”

ISDD Cuckoo Clocks Black Forest Clock Black Forest House

Coming at a price of $35, this cuckoo clock has the following dimensions:  16 cm/6.4 inch. And this clock also comes with a 2-year warranty by the producer so you don’t have to worry about getting a bad piece. But this clock doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon

ISDD Cuckoo Clocks Black Forest Clock Swiss House

Coming at a mere price of $25, this clock comes with the following dimensions: 20 cm/8 inch. This clock also doesn’t have any reviews available on Amazon as of this point

Trenkle Black Forest Clock TU 20 PH

Coming at a price of $45.84, it is a full brown graceful cuckoo clock. A disclaimer for this clock is that it is a small clock just like the Trenkle black forest clock. The clock has an overall rating of 3 stars on Amazon and one written review, which goes as follows

“It would have been more useful to have dimensions, not just weight. When the clock arrived it was far too small to be of any use, let alone hang it on a wall.”

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your clocks-related questions If you have any clock-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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