Best Atomic Digital Wall Clock With Large Displays

Atomic clocks are the epitome of accuracy that we have reached after years and years of experimentation and hardwork by thousands of scientist, its mere invention shows how far we have come and evolved from the very first mechanical clock that was created in China that was used to tell the location of celestial bodies to help us know what time of day it was.

The authenticity of atomic clocks being the most accurate clocks can be inferred by the fact that it looses 1 second after every 138 million years. And there are atomic clocks now that far exceed that level of accuracy too. An example of a famous place it is used at is CERN, NASA, and many others. To elaborate on the impact that they have had on our life, here are a few things that we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the atomic clocks: the internet, GPS, and many other major things that run our world the way it is today. Moreover, there are thousands of experiments being performed that we completely base on the accuracy of atomic clocks.

Anyways knowing the impact that atomic clocks have on our daily lives, today we decided to take a look at some of our very favorite atomic digital wall clocks with large displays that you can buy for yourself. So without further ado, lets get right to it

La Crosse Technology WT-8005U-S Atomic Digital Wall Clock

A picture of this clock hanging on the wall to better elaborate Best atomic digital wall clock With Large Displays

An atomic clock with a self-setting time and date feature. It comes with an alarm and will tell you the inside temperature too. It has the following dimensions:  9 by 1 by 7.2 inches and requires a total of 2 AA batteries to work, which don’t come included with the clock. And lastly it is available for a price of $21.97 as of now

Some Reviews

Michael Clare Says: Gave 3 Stars

“When received, this clock could not find the “atomic” signal for at least 5 tries, so I set the time manually. However, several hours after the clock was hung on the wall, the “atomic” icon appeared and the clock has been completely accurate now for several days. I installed this clock above a door 7+ feet from the floor, but unfortunately, I could not read the time up close because ALL the numerals available on the clock would appear at the same brightness level as the actual time. This problem began to resolve as I backed away from the clock. So I ended up reinstalling it with a backing board at about a 30 degree angle facing down. Problem solved. Only purchase this clock if you plan to install it at your approximate eye level.”

Frank A Terry Junior Says: Gave 4 Stars

“I have been so frustrated with the non digital wall clocks that only stay close to accurate for a few days before getting ahead of behind the actual time. This clock stays accurate (links to the Atomic Clock in Colorado). Setup was a little problematic as the buttons on the back of the clock are very sensitive to the touch. Getting the clock to initially connect to the atomic clock was tricky. Of course it depends on where you live. The company was helpful when I called and they sent a copy of the instructions that were large enough to be easily readable.”

J Wingler Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I ordered this clock to hang in my work out room. I liked it because the numbers were big and it also has the seconds on it. The only thing I don’t really like is that it isn’t backlit so if you’re in a dark room, you can’t see what time it is. This isn’t a major issue since I’m working out during daylight hours. I did see that they do offer one with a light but not sure I’d like it so am sticking with this one. I also would like to point out shortly after ordering this, (a few short weeks), the price of this item went up quite a bit. It was $59 something but I see now it’s come back to $43 something. It is a nice clock it’s not worth that much. $39.97 seemed a fair price when I bought it so will wait for it to come back down around that price. A friend of mine would like one but have put off buying it till it comes back down in price.”

Mike Golf Says: Gave 2 Stars

Keeping in mind that I write this almost 2 years after purchase, this clock did well, right until it stopped displaying the accurate hour. (Minutes are still spot-on) I live in the Eastern time zone, but it now thinks it’s in the Central time zone and even though I change the hour in the morning to the CORRECT time zone, it drops an hour at midnight, (or thereabouts) when it gets the signal from the big atomic clock in Colorado.

As there are NO moving parts, I’m disappointed that it has now somehow “broken.” As it stands, it has cost me the price of the clock itself, and 2 batteries; this works out to about $1.07 per month … a terribly expensive timepiece! The Seller did a great job getting this to me weeks before the estimated delivery time, so it’s the manufacturer that dropped the ball.”

Rick Says: Gave 4 Stars

Works well, the price was right, it accurately updates itself once a night, and works much better than my 10 yr old unit did. Easy to set up, just put in new alkaline batteries, I hung it on the wall and walked away knowing that it would set itself during the evening which it did fine, and the only thing I had to do after was just set the correct Time Zone which was easy. I never had to read the directions.

The only problem was that with each of the Three clocks we ordered when they arrived even though the outside of all packing boxes where in great condition, but when we took the clocks out you could hear something rattling around on the inside of both clocks. We noticed other people also complained of the same thing, and they spoke of how they took the clocks apart and fixed it. Well, so I took the 8 screws out of the back of each clock and opened them, and could clearly see the WWVB antenna was just hanging flopping around, and pieces of the hot-glue-gun glue that was used to secure it were loosely rolling around as well. I emptied the loose glue pieces out and re-glued the antenna back in place with good quality glue that this time will not come undone! We had to do this with each clock, and it took about 15 minutes each clock to fix and put back together.

I could have easily returned both clocks for this obviously is a continuing problem, but did not want to go through all the effort of returning them only to get new ones that have the same very poor gluing job. You would of thought someone somewhere after reading the other reviews would of fixed it by now. The clocks themselves seem to work very well, I like them and is what I wanted, and this is why we decided to keep them and spend the effort for a relatively simple re-glue job. If it wasn’t for the repair I had to do, I would of easily gave it 5 star for this clock @ the $19 price I paid for it.They should deduct $7.50 each clock for my repair charge 🙂 …and I’ve let them know that too.”

AcuRite 75127M 14.5 Inch Large Red Oversized LED Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best atomic digital wall clock With Large Displays

A great clock with a large display comes in four different colours of red, green, blue and white, and the prices may vary depending on the colour that you choose. Anyways all of them are extremely easy to read and will keep you aware of the day, date and indoor temperature along with the time of course. It comes with a 9 ft long power cord and with a 14.5-inch display. Down below are the prices they are available for right now according to their colour

  • White: Available at a price of $69.99 as of now
  • Blue: Available at a price of $59.99 as of now
  • Red: Available at a price of 38.49 as of now
  • Green: Available at a price of $54.99 as of now
Some Reviews

It comes with 80% 5 Star reviews on Amazon from a rating of 2,615 customer ratings

AmazonAddict Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I wanted a big clock for my wall. And as you can see by the 16 ounce Coke bottle in the picture, this clock is huge! Other reviewer’s say it’s too bright. While I will agree it’s bright, you get used to it. When I first took it out of the box and hung it up, I thought it was too bright as well. But over the past week and a half I’ve actually had it hanging in my bedroom to test the brightness and haven’t lost one minute of sleep since I hung it up. That’s probably due to the red color. I think the blue would have kept me up as it would’ve been lighting up the room. If it’s too bright for you, just get some 20% limo tint from your nearest auto parts store, or here on Amazon, and apply layers until you’re happy. But if you like big clocks folks, this is the one for you, get it! :-)”

JM Weatherly Says: Gave 3 Stars

“The clock is perfect for wall-mounting or being placed at distance in a brightly-lit environ. The major issue I had was that there were no LED brightness adjustments available to knock it down a notch or seven. The clock was bright enough that I could see the demonic red glow of the LEDs from across the apartment. Other than that, the clock does correctly keep track of time and the date and temp displays work. As for me, I’ll be treating my clock to some major league tinting or breaking out “Ye Olde Soldering Iron” to add a bit of dimming action myself.”

Ninhydrin Says: Gave 5 Stars

Installation on the wall definitely requires some work unless you opt to put this on a desktop. But I wouldn’t recommend that because it’s a little bit light and the weight of the cord might yank it from the table. Choosing a location on the wall could be a little bit limiting as the power cable is not very long (3m / 9 feet). Standard heights of walls are usually 9 feet so the cable stretches just enough to reach the power source. Therefore, a location right above a socket is almost always imperative, unless of course you have a cord extension.

The LED display is definitely not as bright as the devil red eyes bright that the others have sworn but just bright enough to be visible during daytime or when the lights are on. Construction is not much of a standout as it feels like a cheap plastic and at times gave me the impression that it’s frail and easily breakable. But since it will never be touched again after installation, provided it was not damaged during handling, makes its cheap plasticky feel not that big of a deal. Although I would have been willing to spend a little more if it were made of aluminum or something sturdier.”

Mrs. Smantha Upshall Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Bought this item to have in my gym. It’s the perfect size and also displays the temperature, which is very useful. Very pleased.”

Ian S Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Bought for use an an industrial workshop, large enough to see from all round, very bright and keeps excellent time. So pleased I’ve just ordered some more for our other workshops. Delivered on time in first class condition”

Derek Furgurson Sas: Gave 5 Stars

“Great purchase. Big ,bright, cheap, quick delivery, happy days.”

La Crosse Technology 513-1417CH-INT Atomic Digital Clock

A Digital clock with a woodish look. The clock tells inside and outside temperatures both at the same time on the mainframe of the clock. There are also moon phase icons that you can use and comes in a format of 12-hour display with 7-time zone settings (ATL to HAT). The clock comes with a dimension of 2.125 inches for each time digits And lastly, the clock is available at a price of $25.99 as of now

Some Reviews

This clock has an average rating of 4.6 on Amazon and comes with 76% 5 Star reviews

Mr. Am Says: Gave 4 Stars

However… I’m convinced that the indoor and / or outdoor thermometer are not accurate. The entire unit sat in my office for 6 hours or so, but the “Indoor Temperature” and the “Outdoor Temperature” differed by 3 degrees F. That inaccuracy is why I deducted a star. The unit comes with quite spartan instructions (8 small pages). It doesn’t need detailed instructions, but I’d like to understand the different symbols that are visible on the clock, but not explained (e.g. the Broadcast symbol above the seconds seems to mean it got the radio signal; however a right arrow next to the outdoor temperature means what? My guess is that the temperature is “steady”). The manual is written in actual English – and not poorly translated as much electronics are these days.

It does seem to be tracking the “atomic time”. I coarsely set the time yesterday and overnight it corrected and seems accurate to-the-second (comparing to, for example). We have a small “atomic” clock by Seiko that is maddeningly difficult to set and use. I was a bit worried that this unit would be similarly painful… But it was not… you should be able to figure out how to set the time and/or alarm with no instructions at all. And that’s the way it SHOULD be! One feature that is interesting is the keeping of the high and low temperatures. I just checked to see if we got down to freezing last night (we didn’t, it read 39 as the low). Others have reported that it eats batteries pretty quickly – especially the outdoor sensor. I’ve only had it a little more than 24 hours, so will be paying attention. One downside of the unit is that it’s not backlit, and there is no back light button or option. In dimmer light it is difficult to read.

Mounting/desktop use: It has 3 triangular holes in the back – theoretically the left and rightmost ones could be hung on nails or screws – however it sits out from the wall about an inch. I have it hanging via the center slot on a nail, but using the buttons on top like that is a little dicey. It also has a “kick stand” to stand upright on a desk. STRENGTHS:Easy to set, Tracks time accurately, Large digits. WEAKNESSES: No backlight / hard to read in dim light, or at a more than 30 degrees off axis, Temperature seems to be off by as much as 3 degrees F.”

Bob N Says: Gave 2 Stars

“We have moved the outdoor sensor to areas outside where sun does not shine directly on the sensor but the temperature does not regerster anything close to the outside temp.
Six years ago we had a purchased LA CROSSE atomic digital wall clock with all the same features and it was working perfectly until the outdoor sensor was water damaged so we had decided to buy new, but that was a mistake old is better than new.”

Robin Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This clock is great. We bought it to keep in the bathroom. My husband and I get up very early, and it’s handy to be able to see the outdoor temperature first thing in the morning so we can decide how to dress for the day. I’ve always loved having a bathroom clock. It helps to keep us on schedule. It is, in fact, the only clock we have that isn’t on our phones.”

Rachael A Takei Says: Gave 5 Stars

“We are very pleased with this clock – it’s easy to read across the room. The color matches the furniture it sits on perfectly. Great purchase from a great company – would definitely buy again!”

CJ Shwartz Says: Gave 4 Stars

“Clock has nice large numbers where you can see across the room. It even has indoor and outdoor temperature. The outdoor temperature seems to be pretty accurate. very happy with this purchase and would recommend it.”

La Crosse Technology WS-8418U-IT Atomic Digital Wall Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best atomic digital wall clock With Large Displays

A clock that comes with indoor and outdoor temperature displays and sets automatically to WWVB signal. It has a big display that makes the digits very easy to sight even from a distance. It has the following dimensions: 10-1/4 inches wide by 1-1/6 inches deep by 9-3/4 and comes with a whole year of warranty so in case you don’t end up liking what you get or have any problems with the product, you can just return it. Lastly, it is available at a price of $39.95 as of now on Amazon

Some Reviews

This clock gets an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon from a voting of 1281 customers, and 68% of these ratings were 5 Stars

L Feeman Says: Gave 5 Stars

I do like this clock and it replaced a similar 15 year old version. My only gripe is that being only 6 feet from the western exterior wall of my house, it can’t detect the radio signal. If I move it to the window, it gets the signal. Move it back to its place on the interior wall, I lose the signal. It keeps perfect time nonetheless, just a little disappointing when the one it replaced grabbed the same signal from the exact same nail hole on the wall. This was a one-for-one swap for us. The older version was losing its LCD (?) digits. So this was a necessary change. Anyway, wonderful clock and looks great. The black trim is very sharp. I measure it as a 10.5 inch square, with rounded corners.

December 7, 2018 Edit: As suggested in my comment, I put in Lithium batteries about 2 months ago when I had some in the house. Still in the same place on the wall as this spring, since then the clock does grab the radio signal for the self-setting time. Great advice! October 6, 2019 Edit: I switched out to the Lithium batteries almost one year ago and those same batteries continue to power this clock. If you are having issues with the clock receiving the signal, switch to Lithium. Even this early morning I see my clock still connected with the antenna icon showing. I should have done this before, but I am adding 1 star to my review and making it be a 5 star review. This clock is great… with the right batteries in it”

Shirl Says: Gave 2 Stars

“This was the THIRD La Crosse clock that I’ve purchased. I like the features, especially both indoor and outdoor temperatures, which is why I kept buying them. These clocks just don’t last. The third and current one just bit the dust in less than 3 years. A month ago, the readouts went blank, and my recollection was that it hadn’t been long since I changed the batteries. Yesterday, the readouts went blank again. I changed the batteries again, but no readout, so I’m through with this brand. I’ll try another brand this time. I cannot recommend this product.”

CL Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This replaced an old atomic clock that quit working, but has more options. Set-up was easy except for daylight saving time until I realized I had entered the wrong time zone number. Has worked as described.
This may be a little overpriced considering the length of time it has been on the market but hopefully will last as long as the one it replaced.”

Isreel Says: Gave 4 Stars

“It has good functions; however, I do not like that for the cost of finishing one side of the watch is lousy not well finished. I expected something well crafted given the brand’s re-name.”

Mario Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Very good article, as it is an atomic clock there is no need to adjust the time, usually normal wall clocks have their buttons on the back and that further complicates the adjustment process.
This watch also has the phases of the moon and monitors the outside temperature with a remote sensor. I definitely recommend it.”

La Crosse Technology 513-1419BL-WA-INT Atomic Large Full Digital Calendar Clock

Another woodish looking refined digital clock that you can hang or even use as table-standing if you want. The digits are quite easy to read and the backlight is adjustable to hi, low, on, off. It also comes with an adjustable dislay mode which means that you can choose between Full weekday; weekday & date – date; seconds; indoor temperature (F/C). Lastly, this clock is available at Amazon for $29.99

Some Reviews:

This clock has an average rating of 4.5 Stars out of 176 customer ratings on Amazon with 75% of the reviews being 5 Stars

Steve Says: Gave 3 Stars

“I bought this clock AND IT SUPPOSED TO INCLUDE THE AC ADAPTER AND HAVE BACK LIGHT for viewing at night. However, La Crosse Technology makes the exact same clock without the back light feature – and as such does not include the AC Adapter. The part number is virtually the same, except for the addition of “BL” in the middle of the part number. As such, the Amazon shipping people are sending the clock that looks identical and has virtually the same part number but does not include the AC Adapter or have the back light feature. Take a look at the photo I copied from the Amazon web site. It shows the two clocks in question. I contacted Amazon. They refunded the price difference between the two clocks. The amazon also rep also said he would inform the shipping people… As for the clock itself, it looks good and is working fine. I had to take two stars off the review since I paid for back light and the AC Adapter but did not get it.”

A Mom from the United States Syas: Gave 5 Stars

“After I retired one of the hardest things to remember is what day it was. Just a quick glance at the clock confirmed for me if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Everybody laughed but I find it most handy. Everybody that is retired ought to get one of these!”

Jason R Says: Gave 5 Stars

“When we got a replacement high-def. set-top box, we were surprised to find that it no longer has a front display with clock (thanks, Motorola!). So far, the La Crosse clock works as advertised. It took around a day for the clock to sync, but now that it has, it keeps accurate time. I even logged onto to see how accurate. It’s to the second. The instruction manual that came with it is very basic, so I visited the La Crosse website and found a more thorough manual. According to that one, it can take up to three days for the clock to find the signal. In addition, it plugs in for bright and clear backlight and the reading is large so we can see it from a fairly far distance. Provided the clock maintains the signal, it’s a five-star rating.

Merry’s Dad Says: Gave 5 Stars

“My wife and I love this clock. The clock and display are a nice size for easy reading. I wanted a clock that displayed the Day-of-the-Week name and this clock lets you set the full OR an abbreviated version of the name. The settings allow you to display the date or the seconds in a small window.
When the wall adapter is plugged in, the date and time are backlit. With battery power only, the backlit feature times out after half a minute or so. Backlighting can be set to Bright, Low or Off. My first night with this clock, the backlit feature was set to Bright — and it seemed like trying to sleep with a lighthouse in our room. Next day I read the Manual and adjusted the backlighting to Low. With it set to Low, it was harder to see the time under full sun during the day, but it was much better at night. My clock is wall mounted, but if it was on a table, you could adjust the backlighting more easily. So far, I am very happy with my purchase and I would recommend this clock to others.”

Patricia Richards Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This is a GREAT clock for someone who is retired and not on a schedule and sometimes questions what day of the week it is! I bought one for my Dad and he loves it. Now, that I am retired, I am considering buying one for myself! It stays lite and also is atomic. This can be hung on the wall or it can sit on a table or desk. It would be nice for an office, too! GREAT CLOCK AND GREAT PRICE.”

Digital Radio Big Digit Radio Atomic Wall Clock Fisher Scientific 1076

Another graceful looking clock that provides visibility from 20 feet away. The accuracy of this clock is up to  0.0001 of a second and the digits on this clock are 2.25 inches high each. The clock displays time in both AM and PM and also shows the month, day, date of week, and temperature. The dimensions of this clock are Dimensions: 9.25L x 8.75W x 0.75 in. H (23.5 x 22.2 x 1.9cm). Net weight: 1.12 lb. (0.5kg). And the clock is available at a price of $119.99 at eBay as of now, which makes this clock the highest priced clock on our list. But unfortunately, this clock doesn’t have any ratings on the said platform

MARATHON CL030060WH Designer Atomic Wall Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best atomic digital wall clock With Large Displays

A self-adjusting clock that comes in three colors with 3 different prices. The clock uses radio frequencies from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock (Atomic feature only functions in North America). The clock also comes with multiple display formats like the 12-hour or the 24-hour format. The clock also shows the indoor temperature of the room in either celsius or Ferrenhiet however you want. You can choose between 8 different time zones from PST, MST, CST, EST, AST, NST, HST & AKST and you also get an option to turn on or off Daylight Savings Time. The clock will also tell you the level of humidity indoors. And one of the things that make the clock very unique is that you can shift between 7 languages and these are English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian & Spanish. The prices of this clock accordingly to the colour of the clock are

  • White: Available at a price of $35.92 as of now
  • Black: Available at a price of $39.95 as of now
  • Grey: Available at a price of $46.95 as of now
Some Reviews:

The clock has an average rating of 4.5 Stars out of 600 customer reviews. 72% of the reviews are 5 Stars

Rod Says: Gave 5 Stars

I have had 2 Atomic clocks over many years. Both were from the same company – La ******. I also have several watches so I am familiar with the quality of Marathon watches, the maker of this fine atomic clock, I just did not know they had atomic clocks until this purchase. When 1 of my atomic clocks died I made the decision to purchase another while looking at the selection, I happened upon the Marathon clock. I liked the specifications, read many positive reviews, and decided to purchase due to these factors plus the great reputation that Marathon has as a watchmaker.

I am extremely happy with my purchase! The clock is much easier to program than the other brand, it has much better documentation, and has more options. The clock also seems so far to pick up the atomic signal better than the other brand. When I took it out of the box in the middle of the afternoon, I pressed the receive button put it near a West facing window and in a couple of minutes it was set properly. I then mounted it on my office wall and every day since purchase it has recieved the atomic signal without error. I am very satisfied with the Marathon Atomic Clock and am very glad I made the switch to Marathon. It is a great clock in every way and in every way it is at leat 1 notch ahead of the La ****** brand. Do not hesitate to purchase the Marathon Atomic Clock!”

Gildo Says: Gave 4 Stars

“This Marathon wall clock replaces a LAD unit that I owned for 5 years. I was looking to replace my LAD unit with a more modern wall clock and I wanted to move the LAD unit downstairs to the home gym.

I really like this clock. The numbers pop out and it syncs every night. Setup was a breeze and the accompanied back hook slot made hanging it up a breeze. The watch looks and feels more expensive than it was. It takes standard batteries and there’s not much else to it. I don’t use the alarm function but I’m sure it works fine too…..I haven’t tested it. I use this clock in my Master bedroom ensuite washroom and without it I’d be in the shower way longer than I should. I sync my mechanical watches to it and its the best clock in our home. My wife likes the way it looks and it classes up our bathroom. This is my first Marathon product and I accidentally stumbled upon it when I was researching Marathon wrist watches……I’m going to have to give one of those a try now.”

Jack L Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I chose this particular model for the humidity feature. Unfortunately, the humidity reported by this clock is consistently 11-14% higher than the other 3 hygrometers I have in the room, where all hygrometers are from different brands and all are within +/- 2% of each other. Yes…humidity is a big concern for where I use this. With this clock, I have to remember to subtract at least 11 from the reading, which is something that I will forget to do, so I put a piece of tape over the humidity portion of this clock to black out the reported humidify…but I guess I will live with it since the clock looks quite nice.”

Eliton Pessoa Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I have it for about a month now and I do not regret it. This clock has good size, which helps to see the time and the temperature. The alarm is loud, so you can wake up with it. However, I think that the button to stop the alarm was easier to use. Sometimes I press the red button and it disarms the alarm, which I have to set it up again and in other moments I press the same button and it stops the alarm and it does not disable the alarm… Not sure what is wrong. Still, I love this clock and I really recommend it. :)”

KT Brown Says: Gave 4 Stars

“Good value for money, especially since you don’t have to keep adjusting the time after several months like with non-atomic clocks. The time signal is strongest overnight and in the early morning, maybe because of lower EMF interference at these times.”

Anna Sermak Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I love this clock, it’s always accurate and looks good on the wall as well.”

Hopefully, this article was helpful in providing you some good suggestions for atomic digital wall clocks. If you have any clock-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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