Best Atomic Analog Wall Clocks

Atomic clocks are the epitome of accuracy that we have reached after years and years of experimentation and hardwork by thousands of scientist, its mere invention shows how far we have come and evolved from the very first mechanical clock create in China that was used to tell the location of celestial bodies to help us know what time in day it was.

The authenticity of them being the most accurate clock can be inferred by the fact that they lose 1 second after every 138 million years. And the recent atomic clocks far surpass that level of accuracy and can go up to billions of years without ever losing even a single second. An example of a famous place atomic clocks are used at is CERN, NASA, and many others. To elaborate on, the impact that they have on our life, here are a few things that we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the atomic clock, the internet, GPS, and many other major things that run our world the way it is today. Moreover, there are thousands of experiments being performed that we completely base on the accuracy of atomic clocks.

Anyways knowing the impact that atomic clocks have on our daily lives, today we decided to take a look at some of our very favourite atomic analog wall clocks, sow without further ado, lets get right to it

La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10″, Silver

A beautiful whitish clock that that is sure to add grace to anywhere you put it. You could set it up in your living room, dining or even your kitchen. This also works great as a gift. It automatically connects and sets the exact time and is accurate to the second.

A picture of this La Crosse atomic clock to better elaborate Best Atomic Analog Wall Clocks

This clock weighs 0.32 ounces and has the following dimensions: 10 x 1.5 x 10 inches. It requires a single AA battery to function and comes with a whole year’s warranty. The clock also resets itself routinely by radio control to match the US atomic clock for accuracy. Lastly, this clock is available at Amazon for $17.07 as of now and comes with a 1 year warranty


This clock has an average rating of 4.7 stars from a total of 1178 ratings, and come with 81% 5 Star ratings, moving on lets take a look at some of these ratings to get a better gist about this clock

Brian Mirksy Says: Gave 4 Stars


I was compelled to write a review for this one because I read many of the reviews first and had concerns. The clock looks nice… just like the picture. Feels durable, seems to be made well, all that is fine. The ONLY real concern that anyone has is the process of setting itself. So, I’ll explain what I did and I hope it makes people more comfortable with the purchase.

Most of the reviews / feedback basically said that people put in a battery… the unit does not properly set itself. SO, they then start all the troubleshooting like reversing battery polarity for a minute… placing it outside… moving it higher in the house… facing it West towards Colorado… all of that is great, but it still didn’t work for me. Here is what you do, and it worked on TRY #1 in my case. Put a battery in the clock… hang the clock where you want it… walk away. I put mine on the wall Sunday night at 10:PM. At some point between 10:PM Tuesday night and 8:00 AM Wed morning, it set itself perfectly. It just takes time to lock onto and decode the signal. LEAVE IT ALONE… it’ll be fine.”

Russ Booker Says: Gave 5 Stars


I was compelled to write a review for this one because I read many of the reviews first and had concerns. The clock looks nice… just like the picture. Feels durable, seems to be made well, all that is fine. The ONLY real concern that anyone has is the process of setting itself. So, I’ll explain what I did and I hope it makes people more comfortable with the purchase.

Most of the reviews / feedback basically said that people put in a battery… the unit does not properly set itself. SO, they then start all the troubleshooting like reversing battery polarity for a minute… placing it outside… moving it higher in the house… facing it West towards Colorado… all of that is great, but it still didn’t work for me. Here is what you do, and it worked on TRY #1 in my case. Put a battery in the clock… hang the clock where you want it… walk away. I put mine on the wall Sunday night at 10:PM. At some point between 10:PM Tuesday night and 8:00 AM Wed morning, it set itself perfectly. It just takes time to lock onto and decode the signal. LEAVE IT ALONE… it’ll be fine.”

S Taylor Says: Gave 4 Stars

“Easy to operate. Just put in a AA battery and position it so that it receives the signal from Ft Collins, CO. It takes about 5-10 minutes for it to pick up the signal, start moving the hands, and finally position the hands at the correct time. Its rather interesting to watch. After a few days, I got up at 3 a.m. to go to work and saw it do a similar maneuver again. At first the hands seem to have stopped moving because the second hand had stopped. Next thing I new, it was advancing slightly to reset itself to the correct time. Its not that the time it was giving was incorrect, but apparently the hands will stop during the receipt of the signal and then slowly advance a couple of minutes to the correct time. That’s fine by me as long as the time is always correct during normal waking hours. My purpose for buying this clock was so that I didn’t have to take the clock down from the wall twice a year during Daylight Savings changes. The battery is supposed to last for approximately 2 years, but the instructions recommend that you change the battery before the 2 years is up so as not to lose any time or function on the clock as the battery dies down. If I can get close to 2 years between taking the clock down from the wall, I would be very happy. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.”

La Crosse Technology 16 Inch Stainless Steel Atomic Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best Atomic Analog Wall Clocks

Another atomic analog clock with a classy look, it can be set in 4 time zones  PT, MT, CT, ET and requires a single AA Alkaline Battery to work that doesn’t come included with the clock. The clock also updated itself automatically for daylight saving time, but you can also turn this option off if you want. Last but not the least, this clock is available at a price of $47.37 as of now, and also comes with a 1 year warranty


This clock has an overall rating of 4.4 stars and out of a total 524 reviews. 74% of these reviews were 5 Stars. Let’s take a look at some of these reviews

Robert Mac Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Self-setting clock, you simply select whether or not your area observes Daylight Savings Time (with a slider switch on the back), insert one AA battery, and hang it on your wall. Shortly thereafter the clock will auto sync with the US Atomic clock in Colorado (or other location) and Bob’s your (favorite) uncle! I love ths clock, the second hand ‘ticks’ as it goes around each minute, and it’s spot-on accurate, because it synchronizes every evening (about 2am). When daylight savings time changes come or go, the clock is correct the next morning (changes at 2 am), so no hassles. Your only job is finding a spot to mount it, and the hard work of putting one AA battery in! (Smile) It’s golden! Bought this to replace old unit which stopped working after 13 years (drumroll). Actually only the second sweep hand stopped on the old clock. So I went ahead and got this beauty. Ideal for seniors with BIG easy-to-read numbers and LONG battery life!”

Charley Says: Gave 3 Stars

“The clock arrived on time and within 5 minutes it set itself to the correct time. It is silent. Reason for the 3 star because mine only has one AA battery bay instead of the one described. It really should not be hard to update or correct the product description that reflect the actual product details. One of the reason I choose this clock because of the option to have 3 AA battery installed. My last large shop clock was going through batteries every 2 months. Lets hope this will make it through 1 year as the product information sheet said.”

Smidgen Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I ordered this clock because I got tired of resetting my cheaper clocks with every time change (which usually involved a step ladder). This clock should change automatically. Also, I’m hoping that it will maintain its time as the battery runs down, unlike other clocks that start losing time as the battery fades. Not sure it will do this but am hoping. The size is larger than some clocks, which I like as I can see it from across the room. The numerals are large and easy to read. I bought 2 of these clocks and am very pleased with them. If I find them in a smaller size, may buy a few more as well.”

An Anonymous Amazon Customer Says: Gave 1 Star

“This clock looks great and worked perfectly, for all of one month. 3 days after the Amazon return window expired, the clock suddenly stopped keeping the correct time. When I took it down off the wall to investigate, I discovered that the hour hand was swinging freely and is no longer attached to the center post properly. It is also tilting down so that it touches the face of the clock, as shown in the photo. Disappointed, as I’ve had La Crosse Technology clocks in the past and they were great.”

Charles W Says: Gave 2 Stars

“This clock arrived with the hands lose in the clock face area and the movement had come off the back. The packaging seemed in good condition so I was surprised at the damage to the clock. I looked closely and discovered that the clock movement was only attached with two narrow strips of gray double-sticky foam tape. This tape in my case didn’t seem very sticky. This is a pathetically poor way of holding on the clock movement!

I didn’t want to pay to return the broken clock or wait for the return and re-ship process. I am pretty handy so I figured I could repair the clock. I epoxied the movement back onto the clock body. Getting into the clock face area is slightly tedious – about 10 small screws hold on the back piece, then 6 wire clips hold the piece with the clock face. Since this is a radio set clock you have to let it go to the preset 12:00 position, remove the battery, press on the hands without rotating the clock mechanism at all – then put the battery back in and make sure it goes to the 12:00 position and re-do if necessary.

Once I had the clock reassembled, it works perfectly so far. Big dial, clear indication, and the color & finish choice I wanted.

However, if I were less handy or less patient I would be absolutely livid with anger that because of the weak crappy tape that holds the movement onto the clock caused my clock to arrive in pieces although the box showed no damage. Really crappy assembly – This is an expensive clock. How many cents did they save with the cheap double sticky tape to hold on the movement instead of using a decent adhesive or a couple of screws?”

La Crosse Technology WT-3143A-INT 14-Inch Atomic Wall Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best Atomic Analog Wall Clocks

A more darkish framed atomic analog clock, it will automatically set itself up. It can report from a total of 4 different time zones in the United States of America, it has a 14 inch diameter and comes with an overall plastic frame. The clock requires a single AA alkaline battery to work which do not come included with the clock. It comes with a price of $27.28 for now on Amaozon.


This clock has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of a 1955 reviews. And 77% of the reviews are 5 Stars

William Bergins Says: Gave 3 Stars

‘I like this clock very much…that was up until yesterday. The clock worked great, and looks great, but I am not sure what happened over the last 30 hours because now it shows 5:21 am, and it is currently 7:05 am. Very frustrating. I have two other Atomic Clocks and they both updated themselves with no issues. I am guessing I bought myself a lemon. Who knows, but all I can say is that it is not updating like it should be. The clock is nice, and looks nice. And before anyone tells me that I can reset it to possibly fix the problem…I shouldn’t have to because it worked just fine last Daylight Savings Time in March of this year. I will manually fix the issue for now and see what happens next Daylight Savings time change.”

Mireya C Says: Gave 5 Stars

“The model and size is perfect, it was a gift for my parents, I wanted out of the right size so that without difficulty they could see the time but what I do not like very much was that the time zones to get to the time automatically are for the United States, and to put it to the time manually cost me a lot but a lot of work… the rest was very good.”

Wesley Everatt Says: Gave 1 Star

Original review: If you buy this clock, follow the instructions, and the clock receives the signal to set itself, you’ll love it. If you don’t get the signal, you’ll hate it. I have three LaCrosse clocks. Two of them correctly reset themselves for the DST change last week. The third, this one, which I view most often, did not. I got out a stepladder and took it down (the very process I had hoped to avoid by buying the clock in the first place), put in a new battery, set it by the window, spun around three times on my left leg, chanted, etc., and no luck. The biggest flaw with these clocks is that there is NO SIMPLE WAY to adjust the time manually. So if the signal isn’t coming in from Colorado for whatever reason, your clock is essentially bricked for days on end. The company says to not even speak to them for support until you’ve waited five days for the signal to arrive. Who wants to have a clock showing the wrong time for five days? It’s stupid not to have a manual override that allows you to simply reset the clock by hand. (There is a process involving a microscopic button; ridiculously complicated.) So, four days after the time change, the clock has not reset and is next to impossible to set by hand. Nice coaster, I guess.

UPDATE: Once again a time change has come and gone with no corresponding change in time on this clock. It has never adjusted while inside my house. My four other atomic clocks — all located in places that should be more challenging to receive a signal — update immediately, or by the morning after a battery change or DST adjustment. This one never has. It’s out of warranty, so it’ll do little good to contact the maker. Total waste of money. It blows my mind that anyone would release a product that basically necessitates timely adjustments — YOU USE IT TO TELL TIME — with no workable means of manual adjustment, and the admonition in the manual to wait FOR UP TO FIVE DAYS to let it get around to adjusting on its own. Unfathomably stupid engineering. At least give us a reasonable override!

UPDATE UPDATE: After writing this review, I did contact La Crosse and told them about my useless clock. After admonishing me to change the batteries, move it around, etc., they finally admitted it was defective and sent me a brand new one. Guess what? The new one does the exact same thing. At the recent time shift, it did not shift. I took it down from its east-facing wall location, changed the battery, set it by a window, waited, waited, waited for days. Nothing. It won’t change. I suspect that if I drove it to Fort Collins Colorado, from whence the signal originates, and shishkabobed it directly on the mast of the broadcast antenna, it would still not change. Bottom line: It’s garbage. I have three or four other atomic clocks in my house and they all adjust fine. Not this one. Good luck.

Joseph Tale Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Great clock. It works well and maintains a proper atomic time synchronization. Anyone who has never owned an atomic clock or wristwatch before should know that these devices usually sync best between midnight and 5 AM Eastern time due to atmospheric conditions and the distance from the atomic broadcast signal (which is located in Fort Collins, Colorado). These devices are usually programmed to try and receive a signal at that time. I have owned a few different atomic synchronized timepieces, currently including my G-Shock watch and this clock and they receive the signal fine near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which is quite a far distance from Colorado.”

Terrance Walsh Says: Gave 5 Stars

It was eerie to watch this clock set itself, all by itself, soon after I installed the battery. After a few minutes the hands just started moving!
I picked this clock because I liked its looks. Also, I like “atomic” clocks because they are always correct. (They even reset themselves for daylight savings. Or, if you live where that does not apply, you can leave that feature off.) I am happy on both counts.This clock is not rated for use outdoors. But I’m using it outside, in a sheltered spot under the eaves of my house. It looks good there! So far, so good.

UPDATE, March 2016 — Clock has been outside for a year. Still running fine.
UPDATE, December 2016 — First battery died after 21 months. One new AA battery and clock is still running fine, outside. The clock uses just one AA battery. Switched from alkaline to lithium for better service in seriously cold weather

Adalene Atomic Wall Clocks Battery Operated – Vintage Atomic Clock Analog Dislay – Rustic Atomic Wall Clock for

A woodish looking clock that comes with a rusty grace. The clock will set itself by getting signals from Fort Collins, Colorado. The clock has a diameter of 13 inches which is quite typical of an analog clock. The clock requires a single AA battery to operate that you need to add manually as the battery doesn’t come included with the clock. The clock is available at a price of $29.95 for now on Amazon and comes with a 1-year warranty


This clock has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of a total of 369 ratings. Moreover, 72% of these ratings are 5 Stars, lets take a look at some of these reviews

Don Says: Gave 5 Stars

“To be honest I was skeptical at first since the price for this (Atomic) clock was so good. So I took a chance and went for it. Make no mistake it’s a real good clock I’m very happy with it as it synced right up to the Colorado signal in just a few minutes. I compared it to my other atomic clocks and it is spot on! Clock looks very nice on the wall and keeps perfect time. Since I’ve only had it around 3 weeks I wouldn’t be able to comment as to the battery consumption. Keep in mind, this clock is for indoor or outdoor use though not waterproof so you should keep it dry and out of the elements. Final thoughts: set up was simple but make sure you slide the switch to your appropriate time zone prior to installing the battery and hopefully everything should go quick.”

Dee Lee Says: Gave 5 Stars

“We love this clock! We installed a AA battery and put the clock on the wall. The Bureau Of Standards does the rest. We had to pick our Time Zone and note that we are on daylight saving time. The clock sets itself. This is perfect for us because we’ve had a clock above our couch for over 20 years. It’s always been a struggle to set the clock or change the battery twice a year. This clock went up on the wall with ease and we didn’t have to move the couch. The hands and face on this clock are beautiful. The sweep second hand is a bonus. It runs very quietly, too.”

Hawk Says: Gave 3 Stars

“When first setting it up, it seemed good. Time synced quickly. But the seconds hand wasn’t working. Then later in the day, the seconds hand fell off the face of the clock, yikes. Given these CCP Coronavirus times make performing returns more difficult than ever. I used a screwdriver to open the 6 hex screws on the back, and placed the seconds hand back in myself. The clock is working and the seconds hand moving. Although time is not yet in perfect sync since performing that surgery. At first time was off by 50 seconds too fast, and over night it’s down to 30 seconds too fast. So I don’t know if it will get in perfect sync, given I’m not sure when I inserted the seconds hand and moved it to ensure it was tight, if perhaps it’s thrown off a little. I know it’s supposed to get to perfect time sync on its own. I’m just uncertain, given the issues and need to self repair if it will. But it’s good enough at this point.”

Keith Willard Says: Gave 5 Stars

Soon as a battery was installed and hung on the wall, the clock took off. Took a couple of hours to sync up, and has been keeping accurate time since. Still going strong. Nice to have an accurate time piece hanging on the wall to set everything else to.

Danielle Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This clock is fantastic. It is high quality, reliable, beautiful, easy to set up, and looks just like the picture. It came well packaged (in an Adalene box inside my Amazon box) so I didn’t have to worry about it being damaged on its way here.”

Vivian K Lurkins Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I wasn’t sure what the frame would look like, as colors aren’t always represented accurately in photos online. This has a rustic frame and I was very pleased with it. As soon as I out the battery in, the clock started adjusting to the current time. I’m so glad I won’t have to get on a step stool to change the time next fall!”

Jajabor Says: Gave 4 Stars

“It’s a good clock. The initial setup (setting time automatically) took a while but once it worked, it was great. I don’t need to worry about changing time twice a year due to day light saving. The only complain I have is that it’s a little difficult to see the time sometimes because of the reflection on the front glass cover. It would have been better If the glass was flat and not curved.”

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12.5 Inch Wood Atomic Analog Clock

A picture of this clock to better elaborate Best Atomic Analog Wall Clocks

Another plain atomic analog clock which is dominated by the colour “brown”. The clock updates automatically to the daylight saving time, and also comes with an on and off button in case you want to turn it off. The clock has the diameter of 12 and a half inches and requires a single AA battery to function the way that it does. This clock also comes with a 1 year of warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the clock not turning out as you aspect it to. And last but not the least the clock is available at a price of $40.52 on Amazon as of now


This clock has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 1737 ratings. From these ratings a whopping 79% of the ratings are 5 Stars. Lets take a look at some of the ratings of this clock to get a better gist

TL Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This clock is very nice looking, even better than I expected. I didn’t realize the glass was curved (slight convex or ‘bubble’ shape) – this is a nice touch. I saw some reviews indicating difficult set up, but for me it was effortless – I arrived at the correct time quickly and have never looked back. I love the confidence of knowing the time is correct. I ordered a second one for another location, but have not opened that one yet. I was also pleased to find this clock does not make any sound. The second hand moves in a ticking motion (as opposed to a sweep), but there is no ticking – just silence :)”

K in Says: Gave 3 Stars

I gave this clock a “middle of the road” 3 stars because I was expecting a clock with a cherry wood bezel and a WHITE face, and instead I received a clock with a cherry wood bezel and a CREAM face. My walls are cream and I wanted the contrast. Instead, the clock face is the same color as my walls.

On a positive note, the setup was quick as easy for me. I read the instructions, set my time zone, popped in a fresh battery, and let it do its thing. Within 5-10 minutes, the hands had set to the correct time. It seems to be working well, but I’ve only had it a few days. I will update my review if or when I have something else to report.

In conclusion, I like the attractive cherry wood bezel, the size of the clock, the fact that it’s silent (no ticking), and that it was a quick easy set up. I was just disappointed with the cream face (ie: does not match the product description or product photos).”

C J King Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This is a re-buy since my original clock fell and broke, but before that worked perfectly for many years. I never had to think about the time changing or setting the clock. That is all automatic. I didn’t need to change batteries but once every couple of years, but sadly this last time I tried rehanging the clock with a Command Strip that didn’t hold and the subsequent fall did the clock in. I looked at all the current choices, but most are a lot more expensive and not as easy to read as this version with its big clear numbers, plus I didn’t know if they’d be as reliable.

This clock’s ‘wooden’ frame isn’t really wood, but looks like it. It’s more a red mahogany color than my last one which looked more like cherry, but actually goes better in the room where it’s hung. There is a tab on the back to set which US time zone you’re in and although you can set the clock manually, you don’t have to as it sets itself including changes for Daylight Saving Time (which you also can set to use or not via a tab on the back) so once hung you don’t have to take it down again until the batteries need replacing which for me is a multi-year affair.

Atomic clocks work well in my house, but sometimes in big buildings, especially those with lots of satellites, etc on the roof, there may be problems. I can hang my clocks anywhere in my house and they’re fine although the humidity in the bathroom does seem to cause problems so I use a standard clock in there. I really like this clock. I have another of the same type as well. It’s hasn’t fallen and continues to work perfectly after probably 15 years.”

H Seiden Says: Gave 5 Stars

“This product doesn’t keep accurate time and doesn’t update to WWV on any interior wall (including as they indicate, a wall facing Colorado). It was easy to set up and calibrate – OUTSIDE with good reception. Inside not so much. Also wouldn’t set. I’m in North FL and thought it would work great. I bought two of these, WT-3122A models.
Good news! The one on my patio mounted on a wall SW facing work great!
Bad news. However on any indoor wall it’s a no-go for accuracy. Without a reliable connection to WWV, it loses 1 min or more PER DAY (comparing the accuracy of the two clocks, which is easy since I have two of them).

I’m returning this (maybe I’ll keep the one outside). I was hoping for much greater accuracy even without WWV (like a minute/month?) Very disappointed.

Steve H Says: Gave 3 Stars

“This clock sets itself up to the correct time and timezone using a radio signal from a research facility in Colorado that has an atomic clock. It works very well here in Ontario, Canada. It’s an attractive design and easily readable from a distance, even though installed 3 metres (10 feet) above the floor.
Note: this clock will not work in Atlantic Canada because the Colorado radio signal does not extend past Maine or Qebec.”

Bob Says: Gave 5 Stars

I bought this clock to replace a good looking marine time wall clock that was similar in looks, but it finally quit so…
I really liked the idea of a clock using a radio receiver to set and keep the correct time. After reading some of the reviews where people had problems with the clock, I was a little unsure whether to buy it or not, but I’m glad I did.

Anyway I’ve had the clock for a little while now, and no problems, plus it looks great. In fact it looks better and has details that the photo’s don’t show. When I first mounted the clock on the wall, it took awhile for it to set the time. But it set the local time perfectly compared to my computer and my mantle clock and has kept perfect time ever since.
The wood frame of the clock looks great and is medium reddish brown. The face plate has a slightly brownish white color that matches well with the wooden frame so it enhances the looks of the clock. The clock shows seconds along with minutes and it’s easy to read even in lower light settings.

In the past I had to buy a clock for the area that leads into the kitchen at least once a year, paying about $20.00 or so each time, and they did not have the auto set, auto switch over in the fall and spring, so for me this at the current price is a steal, (btw the other clocks did not even look as good as this clock does). I just hope it will last a year, if it does I’ll be content after spending money on a new wall clock every few months and in fact the last one I bought locally was DOA, but so far it’s been a great looking clock that’s been keeping perfect time

Update: A year and half after buying it, the clock is still working great and is still running great and on time with the original batteries. At this time I will probably buy another for another room.
I really like the looks and the performance of the clock and would recommend it to anyone.”

AcuRite 50314 18-Inch Metal Indoor/Outdoor Atomic Clock

An atomic clock that also comes with a temperature telling feature. This clock measures temperature from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The clock will look good anywhere and also looks is quite great as a gift. This clock is available on Amazon for $63.25 as of now. The clock requires a single AA battery to function. Last but not the least the clock also comes with an year of warranty

Britta Products Franklin CL-1 Large Format 10″ Atomic Digital-Analog Wall Clock

A hybrid of digital and analog clock and seems quite interesting in the first gaze. The clock will set automatically for daylight saving time and comes with a face size of 10″ x 10″. The clock als requires 4 AA batteries that do not come included within the clock. The company offers a a 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty in case your Brita gets damaged. Last but not the least the clock is available on Amazon for $49.25 as of now.


This clock has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 49 ratings. 71% of the ratings of this clock are 5 Stars. Let’s give a look at some of the overall reviews

Cat Says: Gave 5 Stars

It’s unique. I was sick of clocks with digital numbers. This is exactly what I wanted, it’s digital hands are displayed on LCD screen. Arabic numbers are painted on the screen. Second hand can be turned on or off.
Like all other atomic clocks I have, it did not receive signal during the day. It successfully received signal at night.
I live in NJ so if you live closers to Fort Collins, Colorado you may get radio signal in the day also.

Those who live on east coast may have to place this clock near window, away from other electronic gadgets and wait for the night for synchronization. Quality and display is good. I can see LCD from side even from steep angles. I like this clock so much I may buy one more.”

William L Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Clock of my dreams! My best friend showed me his digital clocks like this. I then wondered what if…& sure enough…wow! I have it now, a clock with digital hands and numbers. Thank you brilliant maker.

A caprologist Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I grew up never knowing what time it was. The time on the clock at home was set by a household member. They tried but never got it right. The clock at school was ALWAYS running slow. I mean, what instrument WAS right? NOW, my cell phone and this clock are right on the money, and I love it. My computer is screwed up. I have it on auto set and it’s always off by 20 or more seconds. Yeah, that bugs me. Deal with it.”

Domesco Says: Gave 3 Stars

“Works properly and setting it up is not complicated. It is the screen is easy to read during under daylight, or with a light source. However, it is impossible to read in the dark, and it does not have a brightness setting, ensuring that you’d still have to rely on your mobile phone to tell the time.”

Sara Frank Says: Gave 4 Stars

This is a good clock so far.Pros: Accurate and has Day, Date, Temp, Humidity. Cons: can’t see in low light, and Wish it was 2 inches bigger!

Ashton Sutton Sharp SPC876 Atomic Wall Clock

A unique looking atomic clock that is quite easy to read and seems quite modern. The clock has the following dimensions: 14.0 inches (H) x 12.25 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (W). This clock is available at a price of $35.99 as of now on Amazon


This clock has an aveae rating of 4.5 out of 32 ratings, 78% of which are 5 Star ratings. Lets take a look at some of the reviews of this clock

Licensed Master’s Prepared Social Worker Says: Gave 5 Stars

“We love this clock so much we bought two”

Belkys Says: Gave 5 Stars

“I gave this clock to my mother. She loves it.”

S. Says: Gave 5 Stars

“Bought this for our conference room. Listen, I am very picky about what I put up in my office… it looks perfect! This clock looks very modern and classy and was so easy to set up!”

An Account Named Amazon Customer Says: Gave 3 Stars

“Nice looking clock but couldn’t get the atomic function to work no matter what I did.”

Hopefully, this article was helpful in providing you some good suggestions for atomic analog wall clocks. If you have any clock-related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want to know why clocks don’t appear in dreams, we have a great article on just that so do give it a click if you are interested “Why don’t clocks appear in dreams? Clocks and dreams!“. Here is also a link about the history of clocks if you want to give that a look “History of timekeeping devices

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