Are Zelos Watches Good?

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Zelos watches are considered of uncommon worth. At the point when you think about the nature of the materials and the particular look of the plans, the selling cost for a Zelos watch is genuinely wonderful.

Some Unique Qualities Of Zelos Watches

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Zelos came from humble beginnings. The brand isn’t a realm; it’s a best-in-class private venture established by a man who grew up gathering watches. His energy for watches is obvious in the plans, and the enthusiasm of established Elshan Tang permitted Zelos to dispatch through a Kickstarter crusade that surpassed its objective by an astonishing $50,000.

The nature of the materials that go into a Zelos watch is great. The brand utilizes just the most awesome materials from 316 treated steel cases to sapphire gem glass to Miyota gem movement.

Zelos watches are an outstanding worth. At the point when you think about the nature of the materials and the particular look of the plans, the selling cost for a Zelos watch is genuinely striking. The entirety of the brand’s present plans retail for under $300 or 259€.

Zelos has an attractive, smooth look that is elegant yet sure to stay in style. The brand’s present line-up highlights a drag-less plan that truly emphasizes the glimmer of the cases and the cowhide lashes. The dial plans are likewise exceptionally alluring with their downplayed, moderate markings.

Best Zelos Watches

  1. Zelos Mako 500m Diver Steel Meteorite Watch
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The Mako 500m Diver includes an exceptional dim shaded dial that is made of certifiable shooting star material with a dark ceramic supplement. 3D examples are noticeable on the dial to mirror light in an exceptional style, giving it a stand-out worth due to its finishing. The dial is treated with C3 and BGW9 lume to give it high permeability in low-light conditions, making it ideal for diving.

The bezel is a 120 snap unidirectional sort with a clay embed evaluated at 2000 Vickers hardness, brushed, and completely lined. The case is made of 316L stainless steel material and measures 40mm in distance across and 13.5mm in thickness. It is set with a sapphire precious stone which is 2.5mm thick, impervious to scratching, and formed in a vintage box style. The watch is controlled by a Swiss Sellita SW200 movement and is water-safe up to 500 meters.

  1. Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M Dive Watch
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The Hammerhead Titaniums fundamental for sports jumpers. It includes a high twofold domed sapphire gem top with AR covering that is exceptionally impervious to scratching that secures the watch that is water-safe for up to 1,000 meters. The case is created of titanium material and measures 44mm in breadth with a 14.5mm tallness without the precious stone and 17mm with a gem. The bezel embed is made of earthenware that positions 1,500 on the Vickers hardness scale.

The dial is made of two layers highlighting a full covering of BGW9 Lume on the external layer treating a round brushed dial face with flawless finishing that causes an extraordinary play of light in the sun. Hand-crafted hour markers add visual profundity and uniqueness to the tasteful. The screw-down crown is C3 lumped alongside the 120-click unidirectional bezel, dial, and hands which are likewise treated with BGW9 lume for high permeability in conditions where the lighting is low. The Hammerhead titanium is controlled by a Seiko NH35 automatic movement and accompanies a titanium wristband and two extra lashes of vintage calfskin and material.

  1. Zelos Eagle E-1A
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The Eagle includes a case that is made of stainless steel material that is planned in an assortment of streamlined points that have side patterns in the material. It gets an interesting surface through a cycle of brushing and sandblasting to give it a mind-boggling finish. This famous model is set a twofold domed sapphire gem that is treated with AR covering to lessen glare and light reflections for a definitive imperceptibility. The watch is water-safe for up to 200 meters.

  1. Zelos Visionary V2
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The V-2 is made in a contemporary plan and it includes a dial that is made of veritable shooting star material. The case is made of bronze and has been machined through a CNC cycle for the clear, at that point separately high quality and got done with a brushing and cleaning method to convey a one of a kind stylish. The dial is a brushed sunburst with a ventured dial that has been finely engraved with minute rings that sit high over the dial for a third-dimensional visual stylish that is charming and exceptional.

  1. Zelos ZX-6 Meteorite Automatic Chronograph
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The Zelos ZX-6 makes a stride in reverse in time with a vintage stylish made by the chronograph propelled by the 1960s. The watch is a recognition for the X-Plane venture with rakish plans that follow the X15s. The case estimates 43mm in breadth with a stature of 16mm and is made of CUSN8 Marine Bronze and for certain variations of this model, of Titanium with brushed sides and mirror-cleaned edges.

The bezel is clay for certain models and zirconium oxide for others appraised on the Vickers hardness scale at 1,500. The dial is multilayered and loaded up with BGW9 Lume. The movement is a Swiss ETA 7750 Elabore Grade for certain variations and a Seiko VK67 Mechaquartz for other people. It is set with a domed sapphire gem that has been treated inside with AR covering and a sapphire gem case ease that shows off the inward mechanical functions of the chronograph difficulty. The watch is water-safe up to 100 meters and accompanies a certifiable Horween cowhide lash.

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