Are Wooden Watches Water Proof?

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No, any watch made with wood is not totally waterproof. Wood is a natural medium that responds to water. Wood watches don’t have acrylic or tar covering which could prevent the wood from responding to water. The connections and casework of wood watches are basically scoured with oil to draw out the common shine of the wood. This oil finish doesn’t seal the wood and doesn’t make it waterproof.

Perhaps the most posed questions about wood watches are whether they are waterproof. To be honest, no watch made with wood segments is totally waterproof. so, you ought not to wear your wood watch when you swim or surfing.

It is highly recommended that you don’t wear your wooden watch to a shower or even a steam bath if you are not sure of it’s water-resistance. But, that being said, most wooden watches are mostly water resistant to some extent and can mostly bear light sprinkles of water. But, just to be on the safe side, it is suggested that you don’t dive into the swimming pool wearing the watch if you are not sure

Henceforth, If you are trapped in heavy rainfall or in the event that you sprinkle water on the wood watch when you are washing your hands, there’s no compelling reason to stress. For quite a while at this point, wood watches have gotten entirely stylish. Wood watches are produced using reasonable woods like sandalwood and rosewood. The making of wood watches has no impending impact on the climate, as compared with watches made with metal or plastic groups that use old non-renewable energy sources and pollute the land.

To be perfectly honest, in case you will purchase a wood watch, don’t agree to a metal watch with a wood facade stuck to the surface. These modest metal watches are made in Eastern production lines that are not dedicated to manageability. Today, top-of-the-line wood organizations like Martin and MacArthur in Hawaii pay attention to manageability a lot. Martin and MacArthur delivers the lone wood watches produced using strong Koa wood. Koa wood is a lovely wood that fills just in Hawaii. Koa was utilized by the early Hawaiians to make kayaks and weapons.

In the long run, Koa wood turned out to be profoundly loved as the wood of the Hawaiian rulers. Martin and MacArthur utilize Koa wood from dead and fallen trees to make its Koa wood watches. All the more significantly, the Company is an innovator in reforesting Koa in Hawaii. Its endeavors have prompted more than 25,000 new Koa trees to be planted over the most recent five years. Wood watches are presently accessible in whole sizes and styles.

Moon Phase Wood Watches

There are Moon Phase wood watches that show the periods of the moon on the substance of the watch. Also, there are wood watches with brilliant mother-of-pearl faces. Despite what style of wood watch you wear, make certain to wear and avoid the water while wearing it. Written by Michael Tam, an essayist in Hawaii who develops his own products of the soil and wears a wood observe each day.

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Are Wooden Watches Good?

Pros of Wood Watches

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Wood watches are less expensive than metal ones.


Contingent upon the wood they are made out of, wood watches can be very eco-friendly. Large numbers of the greater brands in the wood watch industry are known for submitting extraordinary endeavors to replanting timberlands with the goal that they can check any negative impact of their plan of action. In any event, when they don’t, a wooden watch is consistently eco-friendlier than a metal one.


Wood watches are useful for the climate, however, they are additionally bravo. In the event that your skin is hypersensitive to particular kinds of metal, silicone, or cowhide, a completely wooden watch might be your smartest option.


Many individuals don’t care to wear watches since they are excessively hefty. Wood watches take care of this issue easily. They’re lightweight and agreeable to wear.

Lack Of Bad Smell

Cowhide and silicone wristbands can now and then radiate an awful smell particularly when you sweat, yet a wood watch with a wooden wristband delivers this issue quietly.

Unique Look, Feel And Design

Not exclusively are wood watches new to the watch scene but on the other hand, they’re extremely flexible and snazzy. They will in general grab your attention.

Cons of Wood Watches

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As we referenced, despite the fact that a decent and around-kept-up wood watch can not keep going for longer than 10 years, they are as yet not as sturdy as metal watches.

Faux Wood

However modest as wood seems to be, a few makers actually resort to its much less expensive artificial wood options, for example, plastic impersonations. This gives you inferior quality and strength.

Not Suitable For Sport

If you love swimming, running, or playing sports, a wood watch may not be as great of an option for you. Of course, you can in any case take it off any time you’re going to take part in thorough exercise schedules, however, a great deal of sports individuals would lean toward a tough plastic or silicone watch.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and if you have any related questions, do use the comment section below. Lastly, If you are interested in knowing why do pendulum clocks stop during earthquakes. We wrote an article on that, so check it out. And stay tuned for more interesting articles about clocks

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