Are Watches Considered Jewelry?


Well, “Yes”, technically speaking watches are considered jewelry. Oxford dictionary defines jewelry as something that is worn and is made of some sort of precious metal or holds some sort of a financial value.

But does this also mean, that new techy watches like the Samsung gear or the apple watch also fall under the definition of “Jewelry“. Well, “Yes” apple watches and others of the sort are also considered jewelry watches not specifically because of the precious gems that they use but because of them being considered valuable overall.

Are There Non-Jewelery Watches?

Well, we all know that watches that have a tonne of precious gems on them easily qualify under the category of “Jewelry”, and we also discussed above that smartwatches are also considered jewelry, but does this mean that every watch of every kind falls under the category of “Jewerly”?

The answer to this is usually “Yes”, as the more generous definition of “Jewelry is often defined as something that you wear and that has some kind of value attached to it!

Does Jewelry Need To Have Monetary Value?

Yes, in most cases, Jewelry does need to have some kind of financial value attached to it, no matter how less. But usually, the more expensive the watch, the more it is considered under the realm of “Jewelry”, though every watch does qualify for the name “Jewelry”

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