Are Watches Becoming Obsolete?

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Yes And No, the conventional use of a watch (telling time) is done for most people through their cell-phones, so people now a days buy a convention watch as more of like an accessory rather than a necessity for telling time. However, watches are also evolving over time. The biggest example of this is the invention of smartwatch, which measures everything from the user’s heart rate, and does things like scheduling a meeting or making a call without even having to take your phone out. Furthermore, watches like fitbit are becoming more and more delved in the overall watch community and even health community

Fun Fact About Smartwatches

Smartwatches’ Increase In Demand Can Be Seen By Their Forecasted Growth Of Over 109 Million Watch Units By 2023. This Was 69.3 Million In 2019

A Video On Whether Wrist Watches Are Becoming Obsolete

Watches also come with the following perks

  • Convenience
  • Watches Can Be Great As Investments
  • Ever-Evolving (Have Always Evolved, And Will Continue To Do So)

Convenience Of Not Having To Take Out Your Phone

Even when you are wearing a conventional dialed watch with no special functions and more of like just a fashion statement, it still does feel more comfortable to tell the time just by moving your time, and i personally have found it even helpful in better scheduling my day.

Watches Are Also Investments

Watches can be a wise investment as there are quite a few watches out there that retain or even grow in their value over time. Some of the watches that retain or are even expected to increase in their value are the 

  • IWC Portugieser Chronograph
  • The Omega Seamaster
  • The Panerai Luminor
  • TAG Heuer Carrera.
  • Tudor Heritage Black Bay. Tudor Heritage Black Bay
  • Rolex Explorer 2016. Rolex Explorer 2016. Along with the Submariner, the Explorer is another good Rolex investment option.
  • Rolex Submariners
  • Rolex Explorer 2016
  • Omega Seamaster 300

Will Smartwatches Become Outdated?

No, smartwatches will evolve without a doubt but they will not become outdated or atleast not in normal circumstances. As they are a convenience and studying human behaviour, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that everything that provides convenience stays relevant as it keeps doing just that ‘providing convenience’

Will Rolex Increase Production?

On the stock side, the amount of production is not truly known. In any case, most approved sellers addressed trust Rolex is making around 1,000,000 watches each year and that it is expanding creation by around 6% yearly — an extra 60,000 watches. And they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Moroever, there are quite a few rolex watches that are also taken as an investment like the rolex submariners, which means they also increase in value

Why Do People Like Mechanical Watches?


This is the absolute most significant moment that it comes to mechanical watches. Since at its center, it’s actually the craftsmanship of the watch that we’re captivated by. Much the same as certain individuals discover one sort of craftsmanship captivating, others are incredibly dazzled by the craftsmanship that goes into a decent, progressed mechanical watch.


Mechanical watches will in general hold essentially more than a quartz watch. A great many people who purchase modest quartz watches will in general toss the watch when the battery kicks the bucket – or when the watch bites the dust. This typically occurs inside a couple of years. Quartz watches aren’t something that you can give from age to age. Yet, mechanical watches will in general keep ticking quite a long time after year, and just need intermittent administrations, similar to all bits of mechanical designing.

At the point when adjusted, a mechanical watch can keep on ticking consistently, and this is something that quartz observes can’t rival. A quartz watch is a purchase and toss object, yet a decent mechanical watch is something that you need to keep, after quite a long time after year, as they additionally make for amazing treasures.


This is one more motivation behind why mechanical watches are adored among watch lovers, and this point can zero in on two things. For one thing, the legacy of the watchmaking custom and the brand that makes your watch, and afterward, more by and by, the legacy and history of your watch that you can keep as a treasure to people in the future.


Things that have an extraordinary craftsmanship will in general increment, or if nothing else hold their worth, very well. In any event significantly better than purchase and toss purchaser items. Mechanical watches, as a rule, will in general hold their worth, particularly in the event that you take a gander at the respectable and most renowned watch organizations, for example, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and so on On the off chance that you investigate their vintage watches, you’ll see that a significant number of them have soar in an incentive throughout the long term.

Presently, don’t underestimate that you’ll bring in cash on your mechanical watch, nonetheless, when you purchase a modest quartz watch, you’ll lose 100% of what you paid for it when you discard it. This is something that won’t ever occur with a mechanical watch.

  1. Style

Progressed mechanical watches will in general be definitely more lovely to take a gander at than modest quartz watches. Furthermore, this bodes well since making a development has requested innumerable working hours, thus it would be a disgrace in the event that that development was, at that point put into a low quality case.

In the event that you purchase a mechanical watch that has been intended for its visual appearance, you’ll have the option to appreciate it through the casebook, however on the off chance that you’ve purchased a watch, for example, a Rolex, you will have purchased not for the most part an excellent development to take a gander at, but rather still a high level piece of craftsmanship that has been iterated, improved, and refined, and created to be a solid workhorse instead of something delightful to take a gander at.

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