Are Suunto Watches Good?

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Established in 1936, Suunto is a Finnish organization with its base camp in Vantaa, Finland. The organization name is gotten from the Finnish word “Suunto” which signifies ‘course’.

The organization has extended throughout the long term and now utilizes more than 300 individuals everywhere in the world with its items selling in more than 100 nations. Notwithstanding compasses, the organization produces plunging watches, PCs and instruments, sports watches, and other way of life watches.

Regardless of whether you’re on the lookout for an update or possess concluded presently is the energy for your first GPS watch, the market can be overwhelming. There are some extraordinary brands with an assortment of highlights and huge value contrasts. We will take a gander at two of the best names; Suunto and Garmin.

In the event that you as of now have a watch, there’s a possibility you definitely know a portion of the highlights that you require. Assuming, notwithstanding, this is your first buy, don’t be enticed to purchase the one somebody proposes to you. Since it might not have all the highlights you are searching for.

Battery Life

The Suunto 9 uses three diverse battery modes with worked in knowledge frameworks that gauge the excess battery time left on a specific model. On the off chance that the watch sees that you’re coming up short on battery, it will recommend that you change to an alternate model. The battery life can last somewhere in the range of 25 to 120 hours relying upon the mode.

Mapping and Navigation

For those running new courses or who tend to get turned around during a run, the navigational highlights on Suunto and Garmin watches will ensure you stay on course and get back securely. Suunto Altitude

In the event that you wouldn’t fret taking a gander at a guide on a small screen, the Garmin Fenix arrangement incorporates shading geological planning capacities. Suunto watches consider gpx downloads onto the watch that will show a breadcrumb map showing you the way.

For boondocks society (regardless of whether running, skiing, or mountaineering), Suunto is notable for its altimeter and barometric capacities that make off-trail route simpler and more secure. Genuine backwoods drifters will likewise value the barometric highlights accessible from the two brands.

Heart Rate Monitoring

You realize the amount I love low pulse preparing and luckily, the entirety of the better quality watches from both Suunto and Garmin incorporate wrist-based or potentially optical pulse checking.

Some Suunto models, similar to the Ambit 3 Peak utilize a discretionary pulse belt rather than wrist-based innovation. For certain stunts on getting more exact pulse readings to look at my GPS watch tips.

Data Management and Apps

Suunto at present uses a program called Movescount, notwithstanding, by summer 2020, the organization will begin to change from Movescount to the Suunto application (which is right now working). The application will be viable with most of the new Suunto items, with restricted abilities for lower end or more seasoned models.

All watches will can synchronize and examine preparing information, transfer photographs, recordings, and depictions from your exercise, social sharing, send notices from your telephone to your watch, GPS enhancement, and sync to sports administrations and different accomplices coordinated to Suunto app.GPS information sync

The Suunto 3 Fitness, Suunto 9, and Spartan assortment incorporates a couple of more capacities, like synchronization of all day, every day information, similar to steps, calories consumed, and hours dozed and course arranging and game mode customization.

The Best Watches

Suunto 3

Despite the fact that this is their entrance level watch, it has a large number of the highlights you need to pay more for in more expensive watches from Garmin. Highlights incorporate essential capacities + height estimation, course route and trackback, span exercise organizer, running rhythm, and action based recuperation time. It has wrist-based HR which ideally is superior to the Suunto 5 that I tried.

Midrange GPS Watch

Suunto Ambit 3 Peak

For a multi-sport redesign, look at the Ambit 3 Peak. Known for its super-long battery life (30 hours), the Ambit 3 Peak is an extraordinary decision for significant distance trail sprinters specifically. The watch likewise includes course route and trackback and continuous height profile route. As a little something extra, this watch is very reasonable, thinking about all the features.

They are gradually eliminating these and moving altogether to the Suunto 5 that I could have done without or the Suunto Spartan. Ideally, I can test it soon.

The Best Watch

Suunto 9

The Suunto 9 is intended for perseverance competitors who need a long battery life for day-long exercises. The Suunto 9 Baro incorporates an indicator to give more precise height data and climb/drop esteems. On the off chance that tempests are incessant where you run, the watch will caution you of awful climate with a tempest notice alert.


This is a very good watch. big battery, large rough looks, and a major not insignificant rundown of multi-sport highlights that will give practically some other watch a run, ride, swim or stand up paddleboard for its cash. It’s costly and the application and interface could utilize some work, however, the Suunto 9’s epic backbone obscures those dissatisfactions.

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