Are Stuhrling Watches Good?

Stuhrling is focused on stunning, unique designs at reasonable costs. This positions the company effectively in the entry-level consumer watch market. They want to stand out while also being more approachable to the general audience. That is now achievable thanks to advances in technology, novel assembly processes, and product outsourcing.

Background and History of Stuhrling

Chaim Fischer created the corporation in New York. The company’s name bears homage to Max Stuhrling, a Swiss master watchmaker from the late 1800s. As a result, despite its strong American roots, the brand draws heavily on the country with the most prestigious horological history.

Unlike many other firms that are just getting started in this dog-eat-dog world, Stuhrling opted to make a big splash. Chaim Fischer, challenged by his detractors and non-believers, chose to launch a line of tourbillon watches instead of a less difficult mechanism to launch his initial collection.

To put it mildly, the move proved wise. Stuhrling tourbillons were an instant hit due to their low prices (in comparison to competitors) and eye-catching style. A broader selection of watches, including open-heart/skeletons, chronographs, dive watches, and GMT (dual time) watches, were made available in succeeding collections. There are various Stuhrling clocks available today. The brand has a strong presence not just in its own country but also abroad.

Are Stuhrling Watches of Good Quality?

Stuhrling timepieces have distinctive and elegant designs. According to some reviewers, owning a Stuhrling watch is akin to purchasing a work of art. They look nice, fit well on the wrist, and are sure to get compliments. The bulk of Stuhrling timepieces is reasonably priced and stylish.

The majority of Stuhrling timepieces are composed of surgical-grade stainless steel. The bands are comprised of stainless steel, top-grain leather, or custom-molded silicone rubber straps. Stuhrling is not hesitant to include a bonus with their timepieces. Some people, for example, utilize alligator or crocodile straps. Ceramic casings may be used instead of stainless steel in premiere or limited edition timepieces.

Furthermore, you may purchase a Stuhrling Tourbillon watch at an accessible price, whether you want a watch to wear every day or something more expensive, such as a skeletonized design. Stuhrling offers tourbillon watches starting at $1,500, while the average price of an original Swiss-made tourbillon watch ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 and up.

So it is a way for a newbie collector to add a tourbillon watch to their collection at a fraction of the price of most, though watch aficionados debate on whether it really makes sense to acquire an “inexpensive” tourbillon. Finally, the straps of a Stuhrling are rather simple to change. If you’re familiar with watches, you can easily replace our bands if your current one wears out. Simply remove the old one and insert the pins for the new one. That’s all. Of course, you can have it replaced at your local watch store.

Concerns concerning the quality and durability of a Stuhrling watch are among the drawbacks. Because the Stuhrling brand is manufactured in Hong Kong, some watch aficionados are hesitant to embrace it. Stuhrling’s design is comparable to that of Invicta or Fossil. Other brands, such as Seiko or Timex, may be superior in terms of quality and accuracy due to their extensive watchmaking history, even if their designs appear relatively conventional when compared to more modern brands like Stuhrling.

Some Stuhrling models have relatively thick casings. Despite their appealing looks, certain models may be too thick for certain times. Within a single day, automatic watches might vary by several seconds. This is not exclusive to Stuhrling; other brands have similar concerns. Some models may necessitate frequent resetting in order to deliver accurate time.


The dial window is, without a doubt, the most vulnerable portion of any watch. A cracked window is not only unsightly, but it can also cause irreversible harm to the movement. As a result, solid protection in this field is required. That is exactly what Stuhrling provides. All Stuhrling timepieces use the brand’s signature Krysterna crystal glass. It’s a really tough crystal that’s probably between a mineral crystal and the sapphire crystal utilized by the great majority of watchmakers. In fact, the shatter resistance of Krysterna is higher than that of sapphire crystal watches. However, the scratch resistance isn’t as good. Furthermore, Krysterna glass does not have as effective an anti-reflective coating.

The reputation of Stuhrling Watches

Stuhrling Original watches are exclusively offered online, a technique that is not widely used in the timepiece industry, though several emerging fashion brands, such as MVMT, use it. Overall, the designs are appealing, and the quality is reasonable given where they are produced. Even their watches priced at $100 or less appear appealing enough to pique your interest. As you get to higher-priced models, bigger respect for brand reputation should be taken into account.

Stuhrling watches do not compete with high-end brands. They are not intended to be a poor man’s Rolex. A Sturhling is classified as a fashion watch. What’s nice about this brand is that their designs stand out on their own, and their timepieces might be perfect for everyday use. Stuhrling watch evaluations are either incredibly positive due to the stunning designs or quite critical due to the fact that they are built and manufactured in Hong Kong.

Is Stuhrling a Luxury Brand?

Although the brand’s acclaimed Tourbillon series may be scraping the surface of the Entry-Level luxury industry, particularly in terms of pricing, Stuhrling timepieces are not opulent in general. Despite its attractive appearance, the brand cannot compete with top-tier watchmakers in terms of movement quality and overall craftsmanship.


The top benefits undoubtedly include a gorgeous design, a large range of styles, extremely low prices, and a long lifespan (especially the crystal). On the negative side, Stuhrling’s movement quality is inconsistent. Stuhrling watches are a match made in heaven for people who want a flashy look without breaking the wallet.

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