Are Steinhart Watches Good?

Steinhart Watches is a brand that few people appear to be aware of. This could be because they are a relatively new brand in comparison to many of their main competitors. It is one of the newest watch brands in comparison to its competitors. Gunther Steinhart, a watchmaker, created the company in 2001. He is presently the CEO of this watch company. Steinhart Watches is a German company based in Augsburg. The company’s headquarters are situated in the German town of Stadtbergen.

The price of its timepieces is one of the most significant advantages this company has over its immediate competitors. They are far less expensive to purchase than many other watch companies, with some of their base models costing as little as $400 including delivery. As a result, this brand is ideal for individuals who desire a high-quality watch yet have a limited budget.

The Ocean 1 was the first watch manufactured by this brand, and it is still the most popular product produced by Steinhart watches. It has a magnificent diver watch design. Despite being a low-cost watch, it is of good quality, so people are eager to possess the Steinhart Ocean 1. Most watch companies promote their products in a variety of methods. They may sell them online, but they normally have distributors sell them in specialty watch shops or jewelry stores. Because their product is exclusively available online, Steinhart Watches has chosen a unique method of selling it. They sell their timepieces directly from their headquarters in Germany, rather than through third-party distributors or retailers.

Although they design all of their watches, Rolex is the primary inspiration for their designs. Many of their timepieces are strikingly identical to prior Rolex models. Due to the fact that Steinhart is a considerably cheaper brand than Rolex, this is wonderful news for Rolex aficionados who cannot buy a genuine Rolex watch but want something with the same fundamental design elements.


The company distributes online, which reduces costs in comparison to middlemen. It passes these savings straight to its clients, who receive far more “watch power” for the money than they would have received through traditional distribution. The watches consistently have a median price that is well below the 1.000 USD mark, which is very competitive pricing given their attributes.

The firm presents a broad aesthetic, ranging from homages to highly famous models created by other companies (Steinhart is well-known for its Rolex homages) to designs inspired by watchmaking heritage, suitably reworked. As a result, you’d receive a watch that has its own individuality and character while also evoking one or more watchmaking icons.

The company employs cutting-edge, trusted, and dependable Swiss movements manufactured (until now) by ETA, which ensure quality and serviceability in time. You are purchasing a watch that will be simple to repair if necessary. As of this adjustment, given in mid-2020, it appears that users have discovered difficulties with the movements, which are now Sellita/Soprod rather than ETA. Steinhart is also developing its own personalized movement, which appears to be extremely cool.

The materials, workmanship, and finishings are of the highest quality, reaching the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. You won’t find anything particularly “fancy” in a Steinhart, but you will discover an incredibly well-crafted watch that is finished to near-perfection, created with high-quality materials and with German precision. And at a fairly reasonable price for the quality, you’re getting.

If you combine these four elements, you have an almost enticing offer if you are a real watch enthusiast. You could acquire a heavy-duty diver watch for a quarter of the price of a Submariner, which looks (and feels) almost as nice on the wrist and does not drain your financial account. Furthermore, you will not have to wait for eons to acquire it, and if you require service, any watch repairman who is knowledgeable about ETA movements will have no trouble putting his hands on it.

Just have a look at the Steinhart version of the Rolex 1655, the Ocean Vintage GMT. The bezel is fixed and serves as the second time zone dial. A normal ETA 2893-2 is included in the casing. The Steinhart Ocean 1 case is composed of 316L stainless steel and has a satin brushed finish on the top of the lugs and polished sides, which is repeated on the stainless steel band.


The fact that all Steinhart watches are fitted with Swiss movements is a significant characteristic. The base model has an ETA movement in the workspace, whereas the upgraded model has a Soprod movement. Steinhart is also developing his own internal movement.

Steinhart currently has six watch collections. A diver’s watch, a pilot’s watch, a maritime watch, an advanced model, a chronograph, and a special edition watch are all available. Steinhart also offers a premium line of watches, which includes premium diver’s watches, premium marine watches, and premium aviation watches.

The Ocean 1 is the most popular watch.

The Ocean 1 was the first watch produced by this firm, and it is still the most popular of the items manufactured by Steinhart watches. The design is extremely close to the Rolex Submariner. Despite being a low-cost watch, it is of great quality, which is why people want to buy a Steinhart Ocean 1.

Why Is Steinhart Watches So Cheap?

Günter Steinhart was once asked in an interview why his timepieces are so inexpensive. He countered with a question: “Why are the others so expensive?” To that, I must respond: because they are better watches. The clear story Steinhart and his group appear to live on are that their watches provide everything a Rolex offers at a fraction of the price.

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