Are Seiko Watches Good?: An Elaborate Review

Seiko Watch Reviews | Are They Good Watches?

Yes, Seiko has an amazing reputation, generally known for assembling watches that are accurate, strong, and smart. Numerous Seiko watch models, particularly the better quality ones, are similar to Swiss watch marks that can cost three to four fold the amount.

Seiko has magnificent standing. It is one of only a handful few genuine produces: i.e., for their better-quality pieces, they assemble everything in-house. To most perusers of this subreddit (counting me), notwithstanding, we wouldn’t consider most Seiko watches to be extravagance pieces. Clear exemption for Grand Seiko.

Seiko is generally well known for its quartz development watches they were really the ones who created it. This site features that they produce probably the best quartz watches on the planet. It’s accounted for that the brand’s high-precision quartz watches are exact inside five to ten seconds of the year, and the more moderate ones guarantee that you will possess solid energy for quite a long time.

Seiko Watches Quality

Another significant factor in deciding the dependability of a watch brand is the nature of its watches. Sturdy watches must be made of value materials that keep going long. Seiko has ensured no compromise here.


Treated steel and titanium are great materials for watch cases, while the utilization of PVD covering adds particular shading to the watches. The metals are solid and generally utilized in the business. Sapphire gem and Hardlex mineral glass are predominant in dial covers and hostile to intelligent covering on the inward surface aides for better comprehensibility.

Sapphire precious stone, truth be told, is a top decision for very good quality watches because of its scratch opposition and robustness. Hardlex, then again, is utilized in reasonable models and most of the diver’s wristwear on account of its more appropriate ascribes for submerged conditions. To wrap things up, groups are principal of tempered steel, calfskin, nylon, and elastic.

Watch Movements

Because of the long and rich history of watchmaking developments, just as energy for innovations, Seiko is equipped for giving six diverse in-house developments manual mechanical, programmed, quartz, Kinetic, sun oriented, and Spring Drive. The quantity of different developments is something that no other can coordinate. In this sense, Seiko watches are great as well as remarkable.

Be that as it may, the most mainstream watches from Seiko’s line-up accompany programmed developments. The types, like the 7S26, 6R15, 4R35, and 4R36, are what make the brand probably the best supplier of reasonable programmed watches. The developments are total workhorses and keep exact time.

Seiko additionally utilizes quartz timekeeping in exemplary quartz watches, yet additionally in Kinetic and sun oriented fueled wristwear. They are profoundly solid yet contrasted with the brilliance of programmed types, not as pursued.


Water-resistance is ensured to every one of the watches, going from 30m (100ft) to an extraordinary 1,000m (3,300ft). Seiko is likely the most perceived by its great expert jump watches.

Are Seiko Watches Any Good?

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Since we’ve covered the historical backdrop of Seiko, advancements utilized in wristwear, materials and developments they use, and by and large standing, we can guarantee with a firm heart that Seiko watches ARE acceptable and genuinely worth the promotion.

The assortment of models, styles, costs, and functionalities is wide in that covering all the client portions available. The organization additionally gives watches different plans, regardless of whether you’re after a straightforward yet solid simple quartz watch or an expert programmed plunge watch.

The brand has clearly shown how watches can be of great, while simultaneously having ordinarily less expensive costs in contrast with premium brands that additionally gloat awesome quality. Thusly, a durable watch doesn’t really need to cost thousands yet is accessible for considerably less on the off chance that you realize what to purchase.

Seiko Warranty Policy

Seiko has a “ensure period” that permits clients to get a free fix or change administration. This, as indicated by the brand’s site, the assurance covers administration “against any imperfections on the watch head (development and case) and metallic band, given that the watch was utilized as coordinated in the guidance manual.”

Seiko’s help page has a complete FAQ area, and The Knowledge segment is likewise an accommodating device on the off chance that you’d prefer to study Seiko’s advancements (ie. Spring Drive, Kinetic). Every theme has its own page containing extensive subtleties, (for example, a Spring Drive watch’s set of experiences, key highlights, and innovation).

Clients need to apply for this help by introducing the assurance endorsement given by the watch retailer. The guidance manuals can be found on this page. To get this guarantee, nonetheless, clients should ensure that their watch was bought from real sources, which carries us to the following part: the best places to purchase Seiko watches.

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