Are Nivada Watches Good?

Yes, Nivada watches are incredible and lately, Nivada has been going through restoration on account of French business visionaries, Guillaume Laidet and Remi Chabrat, the CEO of Montrichard Group. A couple of associations later and Omega SA de CV Group conceded Montrichard the permit to the Nivada Grenchen copyright.

A Powerful Brand

Although right off the bat, it primarily highlighted a physically wound movement, the business-wide pattern toward automatic movements was not lost on the brand, and the Discus later included a self-twisting type with focus seconds. Back then, Nivada rushed to take on new industry norms (regularly demonstrating this with “Compensamatic”) and became one of the principal brands to advertise automatic watches for an enormous scope.

The “waterproof” abilities of more up-to-date watches were additionally turning out to be progressively imperative to shoppers. However today, we allude to looks as “water-safe,” around then, “waterproof” had a substantially more impressive promoting punch, and Nivada embraced the phrasing very soon while making the brand’s cases more water-resistant. With models like the Sea Blade and Aquamatic, Nivada kept on promoting its standing for the water opposition of its watches.

Best Watches

The Chronomaster

Delivered in 1963, the Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver was Nivada’s do-everything offering and the model that would turn out to be genuinely the most notorious for the brand. Reasonable in any requesting circumstance from the land, to the air, to the ocean, the model had in a real sense nearly anything an expert would require. With a physically twisted Valjoux chronograph movement as its heart, the dial featured a tachymeter for estimating speed, a bi-compax design with little seconds at nine, and a chronograph minute aggregator at three o’clock. This subdial could be utilized to count as long as 30 minutes of slipped by time, or, with its intentional red features, count down the most recent five minutes before an occasion, like a regatta.

The Chronomaster looks and wears like a vintage watch since it precisely repeats a real 1960s model directly down to its size and configuration subtleties. At 38mm, it feels little for an advanced chronograph, however that makes it approachable for thin- to average-wristed people who need a wearing encounter like that of many time-just watches. Maybe generally exceptional, however, is the value for its level of detail, features, and looks that the Chronomaster offers at under $2,000.


Nivada Grenchen*** Depthomatic*** 1966 - Roy & Sacha Davidoff SA

The Chronomaster, nonetheless, was by all accounts not the only fruitful delivery from Nivada during the 1960s, yet rather, the first in a progression of three reasons assembled release which would solidify the brand’s inheritance and charm it to vintage watch darlings right up ’til the present time. In 1964, Nivada circled back to the Chronomaster’s prosperity with the arrival of the Depthomatic. Additionally water-resistant to 200m, as the name suggests, the Depthomatic was really a watch for jumpers and was the principal watch available to highlight a profundity check. This worked through a glass tube around the perimeter of the dial, which, upon a diver’s descent, would respond to expanding strain by leisurely loading up with red-colored water.

Nivada was one of the primary organizations to produce automatic bumper watches and was a forerunner of that style and innovative progressions during the 1940s and 1950s. Because of legitimate issues over name similitudes with Movado, Nivada had to add “Grenchen”, the brand’s old neighborhood in Switzerland. In addition, Nivada utilized the US brand Croton to keep away from additional issues, which clarifies Croton-marked watches that look surprisingly like realized Nivada Grenchen references.

Despite what the dial is marked, here we have another nearly neglected watch produce that couldn’t go the distance. At the cost, you can’t improve the story or watch on the vintage market. You’ll see Nivada every now and then in our Market Watch(ing) gatherings, and they’re totally worth searching for on eBay and the business discussions.


Pretty much any watch of the Nivada Chronomaster’s time with practically identical conspicuousness is all things considered: a real vintage model or a generation by a significant brand. Regardless, Nivada’s cutting-edge redo is a more reasonable choice. This, combined with the current brand’s caring execution and the recorded model’s own intriguing peculiarities makes the brand meet up an amazing bundle that is not difficult to suggest in its value range.

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