Are Lucien Piccard Watches Valuable?

Lucien Piccard, a Swiss brand steeped in historical tradition and timeless flair, was founded in 1923. Generations have chosen Lucien Piccard clocks for their exceptional artisanship and timeless designs for over 90 years.


Lucien Piccard was created in 1923 as a watchmaker. For over 90 years, this firm has used its Swiss location to give outstanding artisanship in each of its collections and designs to several generations. Everyone enjoys wearing Lucien Piccard watches. Frank Sinatra wore a Lucien Piccard watch on a regular basis.

This watchmaking legacy is responsible for the timeless luxury of this timepiece brand today. Updated designs derived from painstaking workmanship techniques aid in the creation of a superior clock with the characteristics you desire or require.

The SWI Group now owns the Lucien Piccard brand. This means that these timepieces are produced alongside other watch brands like Swiss Legend and Redline. This manufacturer’s US headquarters are now located in Hollywood, Florida, alongside several other watch companies.

Lucien Piccard Is A Watch Brand With A Very Rich History As It Was Made In 1925, This Makes It A More History Rich Brand Than Many Famous Watch Brands Like Richard Mille And Hublot!

Quality of Lucien Piccard Watches

The build quality is adequate but not outstanding. Most of their models feature stainless steel casings, while a couple of their high-end versions have gold cases as well. Their faces are protected by Sapphiretek glass, which appears to be scratch resistant. Water resistance is excellent, with some models rated 200 meters. The company also provides an excellent warranty, one that is better than most.


Both quartz electronic and automatic mechanical movements are available in Lucien Piccard watches. Making watches with movements imported from Japan helps the company retain its relatively modest prices.

That’s not to imply Japanese movements are cheap; they’re not, but they’re uncommon in watches made by “Swiss” companies. Nonetheless, this allows them to keep pricing low, as Swiss-made movements are more expensive than those obtained from Japan. In any case, they’re dependable, accurate clocks.


Given the low cost of these timepieces, there won’t be much innovation. Nowadays, the brand is primarily focused on styling, and its product line includes some unusual looks. A handful of their models include chronograph capabilities as well as day and date complications, but for the most part, this company’s timepieces provide the kinds of technological characteristics you’d expect from pretty much anyone, with few surprises.

Design and Features

Lucien Piccard watches range in style from conventional to athletic to “out there,” with a few models offering some very edge flair. The majority of their product line, which includes hundreds of variants, is a variation on the typical 1950s-style watch or a variation on the chronograph. They do feature a few high-end models with jewels and gold, but the majority of their models appear to be fashioned for everyday use.

Maintenance and Care

Because the majority of the models use quartz electronic movements, you won’t have to worry about much maintenance other than replacing the battery every two years or so. Their versions with automatic movements may require additional care every five years or so; please contact the company for more information on how to service your watch.

Aside from that, you should keep your watch away from severe temperatures and strong magnetic fields. With appropriate maintenance, your watch should last for many years. The answer to the question of “how fine” a Lucien Piccard watch is will depend on its age. If you’re looking for a vintage Lucien Piccard timepiece, you’ll find an incredible watch that has been constructed to last. You are almost certain to be entirely satisfied with this timepiece manufacturer’s vintage work. The current Lucien Piccard lines retain the multi-layer dial design and typical Swiss stylings, but with a somewhat different wearing experience.

One of the most common complaints about current Lucien Piccard watches is that the stem breaks. This implies that while you may be able to wear a “cheap Swiss-style” watch, you may wind up with a non-functional watch because the stem is not covered by any warranty. When it comes to this particular brand, quartz movements are fairly dependable.

Watch Cost?

Lucien Piccard watches are one of the most economical options available from a name-brand manufacturer today. Lucien Piccard’s entry-level timepieces are available for about $50 and come in a variety of types and designs. On the opposite end of the scale, collections with gold inlay and premium features might cost $500 or more.

A modern Lucien Piccard watch normally costs between $150 and $200. However, if you’re seeking a vintage watch from this manufacturer, you may have to pay several thousand dollars to get the timepiece you want.


While Lucien Piccard watches are no longer the luxury objects they once were, the business nevertheless produces a high-quality timepiece at a reasonable price. The construction quality is adequate, the guarantee is great, and their styling and a vast range of designs ensure that almost everybody should be able to find one or more models that fit their taste.

If you’re on a tight budget, you should absolutely check out this brand, and if you’re feeling flush, you might be able to afford three or four Lucien Piccard watches. They’re appealing, reasonably priced, and come with a solid warranty. In our opinion, that’s a winning combo.

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