Are Gucci Watches Waterproof?

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Gucci Watches are water-resistant but they are not totally waterproof (no watch is). In the warranty book of Gucci, it is written that it is water-resistant not waterproof. Below is the recommendation from Gucci’s official warranty.

If your Gucci Watch comes with the words ‘water-resistant’ written on its case, this means that your watch has been tested to a pressure of 3 bars or in other words is suitable to water depth of up to 30 meters. But this still doesn’t mean that your watch is completely waterproof, but it does mean that it is quite water resistant and in usual circumstances it won’t be damaged due to a bit of splash of water here and there.

But one important thing to note at this point is that the water resistance of a watch also does depend on the age of your watch, it is likely that your watch would become less water-resistant if you have had it for a while, and hence if it is an old Gucci watch the chances of it getting damaged through water are more

Gucci Watches Also Come With A Warranty!

Gucci offers a restricted guarantee of two years on the entirety of its watches, yes each and every single one of their watches so in case you really don’t need to worry about something being wrong with your Gucci watch. The guarantee is from the date of procurement and after acquiring a legitimate declaration from the vendor on buy. As per Gucci’s arrangement, the guarantee covers all damaged parts of the watch and assembling surrenders.

The guarantee will, nonetheless, not cover:

  • Battery changes.
  • Harm brought about by a mishap, unseemly use, or carelessness.
  • Harm emerging from typical mileage.

In case of a guarantee, send your Gucci watch to your nearest approved store, affirmed specialist, or administration focus. The authority site further directions on watch care, set-up, day/date amendments, and upkeep.

Where to Buy Gucci Watches?

Search for the nearest approved store close to you, through Gucci’s true site, to get your hands on one. You can likewise discover Gucci watches on Amazon and on eBay.

If you live in the UK visit WatchShop to purchase Gucci watches on the web.

Advice: Given its exorbitant cost, a lot of vendors sell phony or harmed watches at lower or limited costs. Continuously purchase from an approved vendor to get the guaranteed benefits, on the occasion required. The most ideal approach to assume if a watch is unique or not, check for the model number on the back. In particular, completely research the assortments on Gucci’s site to have the option to recognize a phony from the first.

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