Are Geneva Watches Real Gold?

Are Geneva Watches Real Gold By

There are many different kinds of Geneva watces and one of them are the gold watches. And one of the biggest questions out there when it comes to Geneva gold watches is whether they are actually real gold and just not plated. So, today we decided to answer that in this article.

To answer this question, “Yes”, all Geneva gold watches are actually made of gold and no they are not just plated gold. They usually use 14k solid gold to make those watches, which is the reason as to these watches being super expensive.

But this also means that the value retention on these watches is without a doubt exceptional, as the actual value of gold rarely comes down. And these watches could also be great investments considering that the prices of gold do go up quite often. So, not only would they form a great chic look on your wrist but they would also have a great retention value

A Video Comparing Solid Gold Watches And Plated Gold Watches

Geneva Watches Make Solid Gold Watches

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