Are Festina Watches Good?

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Festina watches was founded in 1902 and is a watch brand that usually targets the price point of a few hundred dollars. Most of its watches range from $100 USD to $700USD, though it does has some that are a bit more expensive then this as well.

  • Festina Mostly Uses Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Comes With A 2 Year Warranty For All Of Its Watches!
  • Offers Over 18 Different Collections
  • Became Famous For Its Sports Models Early On
  • Holds Better Value Then Other Watch Brands At This Price Point
  • Offers A Diversity Of Designs To Choose From
  • Festina Watches Are Manufactured At 3 Main Hubs, namely:  Spain, Japan and Switzerland 
An Elaborate Video On Festina Watches!

The Festina Watch Brand Is Nearly 3 Years Older Then Rolex


Festina is a good watch brand especially at the price point that it targets; moreover, its watches are regarded as quite durable and often having a unique look. The watch brand has a diversity of design that it offers to its customer base. Furthermore, the quality of the movement is also suited to the worthy of the price point. And though it is not as popular a brand like Rolex or other famous watch brands but it is older in age, which stands to mean that the brand has a tonne of experience making watches and has a rich history

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