Are Armani Exchange Watches Good?

Giorgio Armani, the world’s most famous designer, established the Armani Exchange sub-brand in 1991. The timepieces in the range are extremely trendy, having been inspired by street and dance culture. Armani Exchange watches are “flexible fashion” timepieces aimed at current and trendy wearers. This line’s styles span from loud and dramatic to exquisite and refined. In this essay, we shall discuss whether or not Armani Exchange watches are worthwhile.

Quality Is Built Into Armani Exchange Watches.

Armani Exchange watches have a reasonable, but not extraordinary, build quality. It’s undoubtedly adequate for most individuals, who want a fashion watch rather than something that will help them survive the outdoors or dive to 200 feet. The cases are made of tough stainless steel, with a gold-tone on some of them. The watch face is shielded by a tough mineral crystal. Most types are water resistant to 50 meters, which means they can be wet. You won’t want to go diving with them, but if you forget to remove it before swimming or showering, you’ll be fine. Leather or stainless steel straps are available. Overall, these watches are well-made timepieces.


The movements are sourced from China, and the watches are almost certainly manufactured there as well. The majority of the models in the line have battery-operated quartz movements, while a couple at the higher end of the price range have automatic movements and even have a “skeleton” look so you can see the working parts within.

A few models are hybrid, or “connected,” watches that are smart watches in some ways. They resemble traditional clocks but have certain “smart” capabilities such as automated time setting and email notification. They’re not full-fledged smartwatches, but they’re roughly halfway there, at half the price of a complete wristwatch.


Fashion watches aren’t known for their technological innovation, and this brand is no exception. They’re pretty timepieces, to be sure, but don’t expect intricate intricacies or other features not found in other brands in this price range.


Design and Features

The styling is contemporary and appealing. Colors are predominantly black, white, silver, and gold. A few models include chronograph features, and a few even have digital displays, while the majority are analog. Women’s models have a sophisticated appearance and would look fantastic in either casual or professional clothes. If you’re searching for glitter, you won’t find diamonds or even crystals in this collection, but they’re stylish watches that will go with a variety of outfits. Men’s models range from businesslike to athletic, with hybrid watches (for both men and women) leaning toward the latter. Everything in the collection will look terrific for almost any event.

Maintenance and Care

Because the majority of the product range is powered by a quartz movement, care and maintenance are simple. Quartz watches are extremely dependable and should keep precise time for several years before the battery needs to be replaced. Mechanical models should be worn on a regular basis to keep them working properly, and you should get them inspected by a jeweler every five years or so.

You should keep your watch away from extremes in temperature or humidity, as well as powerful magnetic fields, as any of these can destroy the timepiece. With appropriate care and battery replacement on a regular basis, your timepiece should last for many years.

Warranty on Armani Exchange Watches

The Fossil Group owns Armani Exchange watches, which have a solid reputation for producing high-quality timepieces. With the purchase of your watch, you will receive a two-year manufacturer’s warranty against faults in craftsmanship and materials. This is an industry-standard warranty; we estimate that 90% of all watch brands provide a warranty of this length. However, problems are expected to be infrequent, and if they do occur, they will most likely appear soon after purchase.


Armani Exchange watches are reasonably priced for designer watches. There are roughly 40 watches in the women’s line and about 50 in the men’s line, with prices ranging from about $100 to about $395 or so. The hybrid “connected” smart-ish watches cost around $175. These are really fair rates for attractive, functioning timepieces, and they’re cheap enough that you might want to buy two in various styles.

Best Watches

1) AX1326

The most adaptable watch in the line kicks off this series of reviews. The AX1326 has an attractive design centered on basic contrast. The watch’s black stainless steel frame is accented by the silver crown and tachymeter buttons, which nicely contrast the black display with white hands and hour markers.

This watch’s sleek and stylish appearance makes it ideal for use as a dress watch for formal occasions, especially since the A|X logo is a focal point on the dial’s design. Meanwhile, the watch will complement a business suit when you’re on the job.

2) AX2058

The AX2058 is by far the most popular watch in this family for a traditional and timeless watch design. This watch was designed for individuals who appreciate the classics, with a classic 45mm stainless steel case, mineral crystal, and exquisite dial design. This brand of watch is recognized for its artistically crafted dials, and this watch does not disappoint. The combination of a white background with white hour markers, a ribbed texture, and black markings on the three subdials is reminiscent of the old-school watch styles we all fell in love with at some point.

Everything in this piece is kept basic, from the details to the design to the dependable Japanese quartz movement, providing watch collectors and wearers with a simple watch that is sure to attract people’s attention. This watch would look wonderful with your everyday business suit as well as your favorite suit reserved for the most formal occasions.

3) AX2501

Look no farther than this watch for a watch with an eye-catching style that also falls under the heading of “old-school” inspiration. The watch’s vivid blue dial, brown strap, and stainless steel frame provide a striking contrast. The watch, like most others in the line, features the A|X logo as an eye-catching detail at 12 o’clock, as well as the ribbed texture featured on most watches in this range.

Nowadays, a 45mm case is the ideal diameter for a normal large men’s watch. However, with all of the attention-grabbing elements on this watch (such as the Armani Exchange initials on the crown), the watch’s size is less obvious. Another very versatile Armani timepiece that can be worn with both professional and informal attire.

4) AX1505

The Armani Exchange subbrand was created with inventive and current designs in mind, and the AX1505 embodies that idea. To begin, the case is 48mm in diameter, which is enormous even by today’s standards, but because it is paired with a modern dial design, the size is barely visible.

It’s no secret that Armani knows how to pair colors beautifully, and the blue, silver, and brown tones of the watch are no exception. This watch is meant to stand out with any attire, therefore it looks best with a well-tailored business suit.

5) AX1325

With its dazzling white finish, multi-face dial, and silicone band, you can be sure that wearing this watch will turn heads. The AX1325 is a timepiece with an extremely polished and elegant appearance. The dial features a ribbed texture that provides a very fine, yet perceptible accent to the watch, and the classic Armani Exchange emblem rests nicely at 12 o’clock.

Pulling off a flashy white watch like this may be scary, but the AX1325 is more versatile than one may expect. The watch also features a Japanese quartz movement, which is about as excellent as it gets when it comes to fashion timepieces. This is the ideal watch for people who aren’t afraid to go for a bold style while yet leaving room for experimentation.

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