27 Best Chinese Watch Brands From China

China does not have the best reputation when it comes to quality, but we’ve searched a lot for you guys and in this article, we’re going into detail with some of the best watch brands that we have found that are made in China. So stay tuned and keep reading this article.

List Of Some Of The Best Chinese Watch Brands.

  • AK Homme
  • Alpha
  • Atelier Wen
  • Binger
  • Beijing Watch Factory
  • Celadon
  • Ebohr
  • Eyki
  • Fiyta
  • Goer
  • IK Colouring
  • Jiusko
  • Jonas & Verus
  • Kimio
  • Koncise
  • Longio
  • Megir
  • Nakzen
  • Sea-Gull
  • Parnis
  • Polaris
  • Rossini
  • Ruimas
  • Tao
  • Tian Wang
  • Wilon
  • Winner

Now that we have listed some of the best Chinese watch brands, let’s go into detail about some of the noteworthy ones.

Best Chinese Watch Brands.

1. Sea-Gull

Tianjin Seagull Watch Group is a Chinese watchmaking company based in Tianjin. It was founded in 1955 and is the world’s largest producer of mechanical watch movements, accounting for one-quarter of total global production by volume.

On the order of the People’s Republic of China government, Tianjin Watch Factory was established in January 1955 with four craftsmen. The Tianjin Watch Factory was designated as a national company in 1990, and the Tianjin Seagull Corporation was established in 1992. That same year, the decision was made to discontinue the production of mechanical watches in favour of quartz watches; five years later, this decision was reversed completely. Since then, it has only produced mechanical movements and watches.

Tianjin Seagull Watch Group went public in 2000, and a representative office in Hong Kong opened in 2003. The company relocated to new production and administrative facilities near Tianjin Airport in 2010. [2]

Tianjin Seagull has recently developed significant expertise in the production of advanced tourbillons, including a multi-axial orbital tourbillon movement.

In the past it was also known as WuXing, WuYi and Dong Feng.

2. Alpha

Alpha Watch is a Chinese watch brand founded in 1993 by the Hong Kong holding company Unidesign Workshop. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a workshop in China. The Alpha brand appears to be an export only brand, and it is suspected that if they sell in the Chinese or Hong Kong markets, they use a different brand name. The Alpha watch brand has no Chinese name. The company welcomes custom projects as well as wholesale purchases.

The “homage watches” at the heart of Alpha’s lineup are essentially replicas of famous Swiss models, but branded as Alpha’s rather than Rolex, Omega, Panerai, and so on. Quality control varies, but if you receive a working watch, it is considered a good value watch for $50-$100. The company claims that its stainless steel watch cases are made entirely of stainless steel. Alpha also claims that their movements are tested with “sophisticated Swiss instruments” and that every ALPHA watch is waterproofed using “Swiss Vacuum equipment.”

Alpha watches can be purchased on eBay or from alpha-watch.com.

As the first North American distributor of the Alpha Watch brand, Alpha USA launched their website alphawatchusa.com in August 2009. Their stated goal has been to improve quality control and customer service, as well as to reduce costs “Alpha Watch can be improved by having unique features and styling queues that are not available anywhere else. “New models that “are not homages but an entirely new spin on the Alpha line,” specifically “The Carbon” and “MilSub,” were announced and made available in 2009 “.. Alpha Watch USA ceased operations in December 2010.

3.Atelier Wen

Atelier Wen is a (relatively) higher-end “proudly made in China” watch company, and I really like its debut model. The Porcelain Odyssey is the brand’s first product line, and it comes in two flavors: this white porcelain-dialed Hao and its blue-dialed cousin, the Ji. Outside of China, proudly Chinese-made watches are a novelty.

Despite the fact that many luxury watches, including “Swiss” models, have been manufactured in Chinese factories for many years, the concept of a home-grown Chinese watch, complete with local flavors and consumers in mind, is a relatively new development. Chinese watches, for the most part, try to look like non-Chinese watches.

4. Binger

The BINGER® brand was founded with the intention of providing high-quality yet affordable watches for men and women. A watch that exudes class and luxury, equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed to last and leave an impression.

Binger employs different methods of this centuries-old craft to accommodate the latest in materials and fabrication techniques as well as the most traditional forms of handwork, all under one roof, covering a wide range of professions and manufacturing techniques involved in the art and science of watchmaking.

5. Beijing Watch Factory

Since its inception in 1958, Beijing Watch has been committed to the independent production of high-complexity movements and the customization of high-end watches. Born-different pioneering spirit promotes continuous progress and forward development of brand despite the vicissitudes of times.

Beijing Brand was founded by 21 pioneers in the watchmaking industry. They bravely opened the door to the world of watchmaking by combining excellent technology, superb craftsmanship, and exquisite design.

Beijing Watch, as a professional brand with independent watch-making capability, emphasises craftsmanship spirit and artistic aesthetics, immerses itself in modern expressions of oriental aesthetics, and flawlessly blends top-notch techniques with cultural connotations. Taking a place at the forefront of the times is what it means to be an authentic classic. The record-breaking “Dragon & Phoenix” gold-engraving tourbillon, “Beihai Series” which employs classic 3/4 plate and single swan-neck fine tuning, Suzhou embroidery Watch well-known for exquisiteness, smoothness, and elegance, as well as numerous watch works praised and sought after by watch enthusiasts, invariably embody Beijing Watch’s modern expression of oriental culture and usher in an infinite source of inspiration for the future.

What is behind numerous “Second to None” titles that have already become well-known within watch circles is dedicated watchmakers’ understanding of “watch” in its true sense, such as Xu Yaonan (Father of Chinese Tourbillon), Shi Wenli, Su Wenbin, Zhao Zhenling, and others. We have consistently advocated for and nurtured genuine watchmakers, preserving the essence of hand-made production to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, we have independently produced seven major series of high-complexity movements such as tourbillon, tourbillon minute repeater, double tourbillon, bi-axial 3D-printed tourbillon, tri-axial 3D-printed double tourbillon, two-pin escapement mechanism, and long time-keeping tourbillon, among others. Each movement is imbued with Beijing Watch Masters’ perfect passion for complex watch techniques. Inlay, enamel, embroidery, microscopic carving, gold engraving, hollowed-out, refined decoration, and other high-level watch-making techniques are among the many unique aesthetic appreciation elements of Beijing Watch.

Each Beijing Watch invariably embodies the watch owner’s distinct outlook on life. We are convinced that authentic luxury refers to the freedom to choose. Beijing Watch is committed to offering more high-quality options to all watch enthusiasts. This sincerity can be felt by state leaders, collectors, elites in various fields, or the innumerable owners of Beijing Watch throughout history. They are the people who have an inherited oriental temperament, a sense of “independent innovation,” and a pioneering spirit. They embrace the times with confidence and independence, understand how to interpret “tradition” from a fresh perspective, and manifest tradition in a more fashionable and modern way.

Beijing Watch, which is constantly innovating, is willing to take several times longer to produce an authentic watch in order to make your time more valuable.

6. Celadon

Celadon was founded in 2012 with the sacred mission of designing and producing the very best Chinese luxury watches – watches that are truly deserving of the Made in China with Pride label.

Over the years, they have worked tirelessly to advance the state of Chinese horology and to create the highest-quality timepieces, imbued with absolutely original design, embodying fifty centuries of Chinese culture and the illustrious history of our people, assiduously safeguarded with multiple layers of quality control, and with the finishing touch of personal service and friendship from the heart.

7. Ebohr

Since 1991, Ebohr has been a highly successful brand of fashion watches made in Shenzhen. Everbright was the original foreign-owned company, and the brand name EB was changed to Ebohr in 2003. Other subsidiary brands are owned by the Ebohr company.

A wide range of mechanical and quartz watches are produced using Swiss and Japanese movements, with other components manufactured in-house.

8. Meigeer

Meigeer, founded in 1997, is a large-scale professional watch manufacturer and exporter based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They have provided OEM and ODM watch services to customers in over 50 countries. With their own independent stainless steel case and complete watch factory, they provide a one-stop solution for watches ranging from design to prototypes and mass production.

“Pursuit of perfect quality, creating value for customers,” says Meigeer’s operating philosophy. They are currently the OEM and ODM watch supplier for a number of well-known watch brands. Furthermore, the company has three well-known in-house watch brands: Megir, Nakzen, and Ruimas.

9. Fiyta

Fiyta, which was founded in 1987 as Shenzhen Feida Watch Company, is now China’s most successful domestic watch company.

Fiyta was an early proponent of the Hong Kong-influenced horizontal business model that characterises the Shenzhen watch industry, in which parts manufacturers, assemblers, and brand owners exist as separate entities in a dynamic relationship with one another. In contrast, traditional watch manufacturing enterprises such as those in Beijing, Liaoning, Shanghai, and Tianjin built and branded the entire watch.

Fiyta’s other innovative activities include the use of exotic case materials (tungsten, ceramics) and sports sponsorship (2000 Olympics Chinese gymnastics team).

Fiyta watches are mostly quartz and use imported Japanese movements. Fiyta has been the sole supplier of timepieces to China’s manned spaceflight program. The first watches were quartz chronographs powered by Miyota, Japan-made movements. The massive Spacemaster mechanical watch, which appears to be a heavily modified Shanghai 3L chronograph movement, was developed for the first spacewalk in 2008.

In 2008, Fiyta’s premium and commemorative watches saw a shift in emphasis toward much greater use of mechanical movements. From the simple skeletonized imported Miyota automatics of the Photographer and Heart of City lines to the high-grade Swiss automatic of the Gold Buddha to the exotic Chinese tourbillon of the 60th National Anniversary and Square Tourbillon models, there is something for everyone. The Square Tourbillon is said to have a ‘Fiyta tourbillon movement,’ but Fiyta does not have the in-house resources to develop and manufacture such a device. However, there is no doubt that this movement is unique to Fiyta watches.

Fiyta purchased the Beijing Watch Factory in October 2016, giving them access to the company’s high-end movements.

10. Longio

This watch company is a market leader in watch design. They draw inspiration for their timepieces from a variety of sources. To create one-of-a-kind collections.

The Telamon collection by LONGIO is inspired by Greek mythology. While their Asmara collection is art-deco inspired and avant-garde.

Mi Changhong is the founder of the watch company and the brand’s lead designer. He wished to create timepieces that are both works of art and unique.

Many of these watches are also equipped with Swiss-made mechanical movements.

11. Memorigin.

Memorigin is a Hong Kong-based watch brand founded in 2011 by William Shum. The company specialises in tourbillion watches, which are frequently associated with high-end Swiss watch brands. The tourbillion movement is only produced in a few factories around the world, and it typically sells for high five or six figure prices (USD).

In 2011, William Shum founded the watch brand Memorigin, which is based in Hong Kong, China. Shum studied finance and economics at university in the United States. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern California and his master’s degree at Cornell University. After graduating from Cornell, he returned to Hong Kong and landed a job in investment banking. In 2008, he made the decision to pursue a different career with a better work-life balance. His father was an investor in a watch factory in Hangzhou, China, and he and his father both had an interest in tourbillon watches. Since 2000, the factory has been producing tourbillon movements.

12. Rossini

ZhuHai Gree Rossini Watch Industry Ltd was established in 1985 in the Zhuhai special economic zone. The first foreign-domestic joint venture in the Chinese watch industry.

The Rossini brand is currently one of the most popular in China. The watches are of contemporary casual and dress styles, featuring imported movements, mostly quartz, installed in cases produced by the company. Rossini also produce gold-plated watch cases for other companies.

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