10 Cheapest Watches For Men! (Stunning!)

One of the greatest misconceptions about purchasing a watch is that it should be costly to be decent, however, that is not true. But to find the right one among the numerous other spending watches that are economically made or shoddy can be troublesome, which is the reason we experienced the difficulty to gather together probably the best models at three distinctive value focuses: $150 AND 200$.

Best Watches Under $200

Seiko 5

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$195.00 $113.98

With regards to exemplary wristwatches, it’s difficult to beat the estimation of the admired Seiko 5. First delivered in 1963, the Japanese-made watch is broadly respected to be a trustworthy alternative that can stand its ground against numerous pricier watches.

It was not difficult to set the time and date, and the programmed development saved us from hand-winding or at last expecting to supplant the battery. Despite the fact that it will lose power in the event that you leave it sitting for a couple of days, that will not be an issue for ordinary watch wearers (who will value the ageless appearance). It’s spotless and straightforward, and the material tie can be traded for a dressier tempered steel wristband, similar to the one our test had.

Amazfit Bip

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At the cost, the Amazfit Bip is a quite incredible (but essential) GPS watch. It’s light at 1.1 ounces, similarly as exact in its following as pricier models, and the battery life is shocking. We began our testing when it was 45 percent charged and didn’t need to contact the force line once. (Amazfit says it can last over a month on a solitary charge.) We loved that the watch made course guides of our runs, however, our analyzer announced the pulse sensor can be volatile and the rest following capacity didn’t generally log information. She found the most precise readings when the watch was clamped firmly around her wrist. The touchscreen is natural, however, a large number of the watch controls are found on Amazfit’s application, including changing the presentation to 12-hour versus the default military time.

Casio W800H-1AV

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$19.95 $14.50

There are modest watches, and afterward, there are truly modest watches. While many probably won’t be worth even a few bucks they cost, the Casio W800H-1AV is a truly solid watch that is not difficult to utilize and water-impervious to 100 meters. Switch between 12-to 24-hour show modes with the tap of a catch, and when you explore away from the default timekeeping mode, say to set the caution or work the stopwatch, you can in any case see the current time in the base corner of the face. The band is overall quite long for bigger wrists, and albeit the generally dark styling will not satisfy everybody, our greatest protest was that the W800H-1AV doesn’t have a clock-like some comparable models. However, in the event that you don’t require numerous extravagant accessories, you will not be disillusioned.

Bertucci A-2S Ballista

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Bertucci is known for its moderate and lightweight field watches. This spring, the organization multiplied down on solidness in its strategic arrangement, which incorporates the A-2S Ballista. The Ballista has a similar hard core nylon tie as numerous other Bertucci models, however it includes a superior sapphire precious stone, 10-year lithium battery, and as long as 25 years of light fueled by the tritium gas-filled cylinders inside the hardened steel case. We loved that the watch face consequently sparkled, however the brightening was most appropriate for low-light circumstances more so than all out obscurity. The screw-down crown never delved in when our wrist was flexed in light of the fact that it’s insightfully positioned at the 4 o’clock hour (a trademark among Bertucci watches). An auxiliary dial shows the day of the month as long as 31 days, so you’ll have to reset it after the five more limited a long time in the year.

Under $150


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While the around $10 Casio F91W-1 presumably additionally merits a put on top-notch this way, we’ll start with the wonderful World Time just to keep away from Casio-over-burden. Be that as it may, the Japanese brand is unquestionably solid in this value point with extreme, dependable, low-priced watches. Goodness and a few people discover them to be very in vogue also. This Casio World Time offers every one of these ascribes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (counting world time, schedule, and cautions) with a scramble of retro-advanced sentimentality, and it’s shockingly vigorous for a particularly incredible cost.

Development: Japanese quartz

Case breadth: 39.5mm

Water opposition: 100m

Cost: $15

Orient Tristar

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Utilizing a programmed development depends on an old type initially from Seiko, the Orient 3 Star is a basic, utilitarian programmed much the same as the Seiko 5. While there’s very little in the method of put-togetherness, it has a proportional 37.5mm case, a treated steel wristband and a beautiful dial. Its as basic of a programmed watch that you can get, yet in that lies its appeal.

Development: Orient 469 programmed

Case breadth: 37.5mm

Water resistance: 30m

Cost: $79

Swatch Essentials

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Swatch is Switzerland’s response to fun, modest, mass-delivered quartz watches, yet with an unmistakably energetic European plan sense. There’s a vivid Swatch in pretty much any style you could need, from adaptable models like this Essentials assortment model to intense and eccentric watches aplenty.

Development: quartz

Size: 41mm

Water Resistance: 30m

Cost: $85

Timex MK1 Aluminum

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Despite the fact that quite a few extraordinary Timexes could’ve made this rundown, we’re especially fascinated with the reissued MK1 — a diversion (of kinds) of a brief 1980s military-issue watch. While the first was intended to be expendable and had a mechanical development inside and a plastic case ensuring it, this rendition trades both with a more solid quartz motor and a better case produced using anodized aluminum.

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