10 Best Zelos Watches

The Zelos watch organization is a watch company that creates a set number of each model of watch delivered.

The business was established in 2014 by the proprietor Elshan Tang, with its central command situated in Singapore. The purpose of Zelos watches is to furnish clients with intriguing and premium materials including Damascus steel, artistic, carbon fiber, bronze, and treated steel. Maybe the most exceptional material is the certified shooting star that is utilized in a portion of the watch dials.

  1. Zelos Mako 500m Diver Steel Meteorite Watch
Mako 500m Diver Steel Meteorite | Zelos Watches

The Mako 500m Diver includes a remarkable dark shaded dial that is made of veritable shooting star material with a dark earthenware embed. 3D examples are obvious on the dial to mirror light in a remarkable design, giving it an exceptional worth due to its finishing. The dial is treated with C3 and BGW9 lume to give it high perceivability in low light conditions, making it ideal for jumping. The bezel is a 120 snap unidirectional sort with a fired supplement evaluated at 2000 Vickers hardness, brushed, and completely lumed. The case is made of 316L tempered steel material and measures 40mm in width and 13.5mm in thickness. It is set with a sapphire precious stone which is 2.5mm thick, impervious to scratching, and molded in a vintage box style. The watch is controlled by a Swiss Sellita SW200 development and is water safe up to 500 meters.

A List Of Some Great Zelos
  1. Zelos ZX-6 Meteorite Automatic Chronograph
ZX-6 Meteorite automatic Chronograph | Zelos Watches

The Zelos ZX-6 makes a stride in reverse on schedule with a vintage tasteful made by the chronograph propelled by the 1960s. The watch is an accolade for the X-Plane venture with rakish plans that follow the X15s. The case estimates 43mm in measurement with a tallness of 16mm and is made of CUSN8 Marine Bronze and for certain variations of this model, of Titanium with brushed sides and mirror cleaned edges. The bezel is artistic for certain models and zirconium oxide for others evaluated on the Vickers hardness scale at 1,500. The dial is multifaceted and loaded up with BGW9 lume. The development is a Swiss ETA 7750 Elabore Grade for certain variations and a Seiko VK67 Mechaquartz for other people. It is set with a domed sapphire gem that has been treated within with AR covering and a sapphire precious stone case ease that shows off the internal mechanical activities of the chronograph entanglement. The watch is water safe up to 100 meters and accompanies a certifiable Horween calfskin tie.

  1. Zelos Eagle E-1A
Zelos Eagle E-1A - SeriousWatches.com

The Eagle includes a case that is made of treated steel material that is planned in an assortment of streamlined points that have side patterns in the material. It gets a remarkable surface through an interaction of brushing and sandblasting to give it a mind-boggling finish. This famous model is set a twofold domed sapphire gem that is treated with AR covering to decrease glare and light reflections for a definitive perceivability. The watch is water safe for up to 200 meters.

  1. Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M Dive Watch
Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000m Review | WatchUSeek Watch Forums

The Hammerhead Titaniums fundamental for sports jumpers. It includes a high twofold domed sapphire gem top with AR covering that is profoundly impervious to scratching that secures the watch that is water-safe for up to 1,000 meters. The case is created of titanium material and measures 44mm in distance across with a 14.5mm stature without the gem and 17mm with a precious stone. The bezel embed is made of artistic that positions 1,500 on the Vickers hardness scale.

The dial is made of two layers highlighting a full covering of BGW9 lume on the external layer treating a round brushed dial face with beautiful finishing that causes a remarkable play of light in the sun. Specially crafted hour markers add visual profundity and uniqueness to the stylish. The screw-down crown is C3 lumed alongside the 120-click unidirectional bezel, dial, and hands which are likewise treated with BGW9 lume for high perceivability in conditions where the lighting is low. The Hammerhead titanium is controlled by a Seiko NH35 programmed development and accompanies a titanium armband and two extra lashes of vintage cowhide and material.

  1. Zelos Visionary V2
Visionary V-2 | Zelos Watches

The V-2 is made in a contemporary plan and it includes a dial that is made of veritable shooting star material. The case is made of bronze and has been machined through a CNC interaction for the clear, at that point independently hand-tailored and got done with a brushing and cleaning procedure to convey a novel stylish. The dial is a brushed sunburst with a ventured dial that has been finely engraved with minute rings that sit high over the dial for a third-dimensional visual tasteful that is spellbinding and special.

  1. Zelos Horizons 39mm 12-Hour
Zelos Horizons 39mm 12-Hour Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

The Horizons line started with the Zelos Horizons GMT a 40mm GMT watch with a Swiss development and sticker price just shy of $900 that was heartily gotten by the watch local area. It positively met with David Bredan’s endorsement. As David referenced in his survey, the Horizons GMT appeared to check each container on the watch aficionado agenda: sweet spot 40mm size, short drags, incredible lume, dependable development, magnificent case completing, vintage styling with current completing the rundown goes on. The Horizons 39mm expands on all that made the Horizons GMT a triumph yet does as such in a marginally more modest, more affordable bundle accessible in three groups of models, two with turning bezels (the 12-hr and jumper) and a bezel-less field watch.

  1. Zelos Mirage Tourbillon
Zelos Introduces the Mirage Tourbillon in Pattern-Welded Alloys | SJX  Watches

The actual cases are important for the Mirage Tourbillon selling point. This regular titanium rendition is the least outwardly “energizing” however is useful for traditionalist wearers. Contrast it with three different forms of the Mirage Tourbillon that utilization “Timascus,” which is titanium Damascus-style metal. That it utilizes folds of metal for a wood grain look is extremely extraordinary for titanium. In addition, the titanium collapsed together is somewhat unique in relation to when presented to warm. That gives a few renditions of the Mirage Tourbillon case excellent shadings like violet and blue. Zelos additionally has a Mokume Gane form of the Mirage Tourbillon with a Damascus-style case delivered from copper and nickel metal that will patina over the long haul. The inventiveness and imaginativeness applied to the casework here are unique, in fact.

Measurement insightful, the Mirage Tourbillon case is 41mm-wide with a 45mm carry t0-drag distance. It likewise wears little because of the slenderness of the dial contrasted and the broadness of the case. The case is likewise 9.5mm-thick (without the top “box-style” sapphire gem) and has a water opposition rating of 50 meters. Zelos incorporates a detailed introduction set that incorporates a larger than usual wood box and a cowhide conveying case that permits you to convey a bunch of watches and furthermore incorporate a couple of extra lash alternatives to stir up the look.

3. Zelos Skyraider Watch

Zelos Skyraider Watch | aBlogtoWatch

The Zelos Skyraider watch, the most recent contribution from the Zelos brand, is a profoundly decipherable Flieger watch enlivened by the Douglas A-1 Skyraider, a propeller plane utilized by the U.S. Aviation based armed forces in World War II, cherished for its long-standing assistance. The Zelos Skyraider blends old and new, with contemporary plan choices, for example, skeletonized or shooting star dials, alongside an exemplary manual breeze development, planned with the aim of permitting the wearer to genuinely draw in with the watch.

  1. Zelos Abyss 2
Zelos Abyss 2 3000m Bronze Green - SeriousWatches.com

The Zelos Abyss 2 is a twin-crown, bronze-cased, Swiss-programmed controlled plunging watch fabricated like a tank to accomplish the limit water obstruction. In excess of a basic restorative update, the Abyss II currently includes a subsequent time region work and a refreshed look.

  1. Zelos Mako 500M Dive
Zelos Mako Diver | Hands On Watch Review - WatchReport.com

Zelos Mako 500M Diver is a superb illustration of a professional microbrand offering. It has incredible lume, a pleasantly definite dial, and exceptionally satisfying case completion all upheld up by a dependable development and a ridiculous profundity rating. The Zelos Mako 500M Diver is accessible now, taking all things together tones with the exception of the blue, for $749 and afterward an extraordinary shooting star dial for $949.

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